Zone-upload Becomes Zone-directory to Bypass Google’s Blockades

The situation is increasingly complex for Zone Téléchargement the platform which claims to be the heir to the original and which had already changed its name once before to Annuaire Téléchargement.

A first name change followed by a return to the original name and this time, a new setback: the platform changes its name again to become a Directory Zone.

Shortly after the closure of in 2016, several clones took over. The first clone to win, the new Download Zone has since been subject to numerous attacks from competitors, serial deregistration procedures and has been forced to multiply domain names to escape closure.

The site became a downloadable directory in the summer of 2018, but the proceedings were somewhat lulling before the lawsuits came back with a vengeance… The recovery of one of the old domain names of the site then leads to the return of the name Zone-Download with however the maintenance in parallel of the name and the domains Directory-Download.

Finally, Zone-Download will remain, but the dereferencing operated by Google makes it invisible to search engines The team in place thus makes the choice to open Directory-Download to offer itself visibility in Google’s SERPs.

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