It is the company Blue Efficience that put online the parasitic site, this site of illicit links currently targeted by a blocking action for counterfeiting. Thierry Chevillard, founder and managing director of the company, returns in our columns on his motivations.

On velvet paws, the arrival of has finally made a big noise since several Internet users and articles have reported the existence of this strange site. And for good reason: this one parasites, a bête noire of the rights holders, to steal its structure up to its name, with a nuance since the extension is changed to .al. A nice 2.0 remake of the sprinkler sprinkler.

On Zone-Télé, you will find thousands of films to download, but only on legal platforms. The site uses the National Film Centre’s VàD base, but also iTunes or Amazon, in an attempt to attract visitors to sites much more virtuous than

The idea? “Promoting the Legal Offer”

According to our information, it is Blue Efficience, a company specialized in the protection of works, which is at the origin of this site, but also which takes up the same logic. ” We’ve always had the idea of promoting the legal offer. Protection is good, but it’s not enough without this supplement”, comments Thierry Chevillard.

The CEO of Blue Efficience believes that ” video-on-demand platforms have difficulty in standing out from the illegal offer”. At the same time, ” pirate sites are extremely good at getting ahead in the engines where they double the legal offers”. Might as well play with similar weapons on the same field.

Competing with illicit supply in engines

The idea, sketched out last August, was to arrive at ” to do as well in terms of positioning in engines”. Of course, the CNC’s VàD database has made it possible to launch this site very quickly with already a lot of data, even if we are still far from the mastodon currently targeted by a blocking procedure.

The company concedes that its approach was primarily altruistic, but decided to put affiliations on some links, as readers may have noticed. On this point, says Thierry Chevillard, this inclusion was decided to ” partially offset the costs, even if it is far from covering the development and operation of the site”.

According to initial feedback, in any case, there is a conversion rate on of around 5 per 1,000 for those who click on a link to a legal platform.

Other sites soon to be cloned

As for the film posters, which are the subject of debate in commentaries and on Twitter, he concedes: “our position has been simple: we have measured the pros and cons, the risk. This initiative has been taken. And if at any time there was a problem with the rightful claimants,would obviously be complied with”. As regards the use of the Zone Télé logo, the answer is identical, even if it is hard to imagine the publishers of this site, which is currently the subject of proceedings before the Paris Court of First Instance, suing for infringement before the French courts.

One will notice the nice rififi initiated by this site. Rivendel, a competitor also specialized in the protection of rights, requested the dereferencing of several URLs of TMG, the famous provider of Hadopi’s upstream companies, asked him to delete a URL of on Google.

Isn’t there another risk, however, that of confusing Internet users between the and its legal clone in .al? ” This is already the case on other sites. A lot of people go to YouTube to watch movies thinking that they are legal. Our approach is really to push users towards legal consumption so that the video can catch its breath and come back into the game. We therefore wish to accompany our protection services with this system of highlighting the legal offer “.

That the other sites of illicit downloading are preparing: ” odoes not intend to stop at and ” assures the director of the company which thus intends to extend its cloning business.

Published on October 27, 2017 at 11:54 am