Zone-loading is He Coming Back? [updated]

Updated December 15 at 9:30 am – According to several observers of the Illegal Download Nebula, it appears that the person(s) behind the reopening has nothing to do with the original Download Zone team (two individuals under indictment, one of whom is in custody). The use of a Facebook or Twitter page to communicate is thus unprecedented.

Did some clever guys clone the site’s catalogue while using its name and layout in order to surf the buzz and take advantage of the windfall linked to this activity? One thing is sure, the download links are well operational, as well as their protection, but the catalog is much shallower, only a part of the available links seems to have been duplicated. To be continued.

The game of the mouse between the Download Area and the authorities continues, with the advantage of the first one this time… Kneeling down by the National Gendarmerie after more than two years of investigation, is the illegal downloading platform still moving despite the arrests of the two people in charge of the site?


If a first attempt to return was made shortly after the shutdown, it was more of a bluff since the DL-Protect system, a device for anonymizing link sharing, was still not working (also shut down by the police). Nevertheless, a few days later, in a message posted on a mysterious recent Twitter account (@zone_dl), it read : We haven’t left yet. And we’ll try to give you a good service. 

A promised thing due obviously since the site is indeed back. The announcement was made on a dedicated Facebook page  Zone Telechargement is above all a community of enthusiasts, sharing and many links that have been forged. ZT is not this piracy site but rather, this place of exchange and sharing, this link aggregator that allows us to find the films and series we are looking for. It is rich in this observation and saddened at the same time, that we have decided to take matters into our own hands. This new address has the same vocation as the old one, to gather passionate people, to live of sharing and to enjoy culture and arts because today, to offer oneself a DVD is a luxury! This is why we invite you, as a user of Zone Telechargement, to help us in our difficult mission! Share our site, talk about it around you! Let’s not let injustice settle anymore! By sticking together, we show our strength and legitimacy!

In fact, the site now associated with a Samoan domain is a carbon copy of the one that was closed and is fully functional, including anonymizing the links with what looks like a new version of DL-Protect. Searching and downloading is therefore possible.

The author of the message emphasizes the depth of ZT’s successful catalogue, which included films that were not available on the legal SVOD platforms…. This direct download platform was generating almost 4 million connections per month, according to the claimants, who estimate the damage at 75 million euros Until the Legal Offer is up to par…

So it looks like the rig crew isn’t neutralized. Two young men, aged 24 and 26, were arrested. The first order in Toulouse was indicted for “counterfeiting”, “concealed work” and “laundering”. According to the police in Andorra, where he was resident, he was in charge of the site’s finances. 

The individual was placed in detention, with the liberty judge validating the request of the investigating magistrate. A decision deemed disproportionate by the defendant’s counsel: The facts concerning the website have been acknowledged. The site has since been closed. What’s the point of taking this boy into custody? None. The justice system simply wants to punish him in advance, whereas the possibility of his being placed in detention by the criminal court at the time of the trial on the merits is almost nil. 

The second man indicted is still awaiting extradition. According to the investigators, he was in charge of the technical part of the site. 

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