Zone-download: Why Chrome Blocks Laccs at the Pirate Site

Maj. October 21, 2019 at 6:16 pm

Chrome now blocks access to the Download Area for all Internet users For the past few hours, the web browser has indeed considered the pirate site as a dangerous phishing site. A common and minor error obviously triggered Google’s security systems for no reason.

Zone-Download, the pirate site formerly called Directory-Download, is now blocked by Google Chrome On the forum dedicated to the illegal Download site many Internet users claim that can no longer access the platform via the browser. “Since this morning it is impossible for me to go to ZT (Editor’s note: Zone-Download) because as soon as the ZT screen appears an orange warning screen “ explains a user on the forum. Since October 16, 2019, Chrome indeed considers as dangerous.

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Why does Chrome now consider a phishing site?

“Malicious individuals working on the site may cause you to perform unsafe actions, such as installing software or disclosing personal information (such as passwords, phone numbers or credit card numbers)”assures Google on its warning page.

The web browser claims that Zone-Download is a phishing site designed to steal your usernames, passwords and bank details. “Google has recently detected a phishing attempt” adds the alert. Chrome obviously leaves the choice toInternet users to ignore the warning and access the site despite everything. To do so, just go to the “details” section and click on “visit this dangerous site”.

On Safari, Firefox or Opera, the pirate site does not trigger any security alert. There may be several reasons for this warning message. Malicious code, inserted by site administrators or a gang of hackers, may seek to collect data from Internet users The problem could also be caused by the advertisements posted on the Download Area.

In this case, the platform is not responsible for the content published by its advertising agency. Like all illegal download and streaming sites Zone-Télé relies on offshore advertising agencies, generally located in Israel, Switzerland or Estonia. These agencies broadcast advertisements that are often misleading and illegal. These days, is inundated with ads for sports betting sites paid polls or ads promising free smartphones.

A bug caused Chrome to block Download Area

A few hours after the beginning of the connection problems, an administrator of Zone-Download came to reassure theusers. According to him, everything should soon be back to normal. “There are problems accessing the site due to image hosting provider outages. (SSL problem). We are working to resolve these issues” assures the administrator. Clearly, the warning displayed by Chrome was triggered by a rather common but harmless error. Because the servers hosting the site images were down, the SSL certificates, which enable secure communications while browsing the Web, were not properly transmitted. This SSL certificate problem often pushes Chrome to blacklist a site for no reason.

As a reminder, the current Download Zone is the most popular clone of the original pirate site closed by the courts in 2016.  When the site was closed down, a host of clones had tried to build on the success of the site. Did you encounter the same problem when going to the Download Area with Chrome? We look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.





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