Zone-download Becomes Zone-directory to Be Newly Referenced by Google

Maj. January 6, 2020 at 10:05 min.

Symbol of illegal downloading in France, the Zone-Telechargement portal is changing its name again. It becomes a Zone-Directory, a choice made in order to circumvent Google’s dereferencing. A name change that comes after a long and tumultuous journey.

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A site that offers free downloads can obviously only live on donations or advertising revenue. And, for both, they are a function of the audience. That makes sense. There is only one way to get a hearing today: Google. The Search Engine is a great manitou of referencing, the Search Engine remains the obligatory passage for the vast majority of Internet users today, despite the many efforts of the competition.

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If you’re not listed in Google’s Search Engine you simply don’t exist. It is therefore difficult in these conditions to monetize his audience. This is the problem encountered by Zone-Telechargement, a sulphurous illegal Download site with multiple incarnations which, in its latest version was dereferred from Google. To work around the problem, the administrators changed the name of the site to Directory-Download. Before going back to the old one and even use the two areas in parallel.

It no longer has the name, but keeps the function

But it didn’t seem to be enough. Zone-Download therefore changes once again the name and URL. The site is now called Zone Annuaire, thus removing the term “Download” which is certainly too connoted today. However, the principle remains the same as before: a direct download link directory (and illegal, let’s specify it again).

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Zone-Download, at least everyone knows his name. It must be said that this site, launched in 2010, was ranked 11th among the most visited sites in France. He even came in first in the category of link directories. One out of 20 French people consulted the site. That was before, of course, its brutal closure on 28 November 2016 by the National Gendarmerie Since then, the designers of the site have experienced many setbacks, between hacking their databases and Google’s dereferencing.





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