Zelda Breath of the Wild : 10 Well Hidden Details That You Certainly Missed

Days Go By and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continues to unveil a little more of its splendor. More and more players are roaming the plains of Hyrule and discovering its many secrets. Some of them are very well hidden and if you are not careful you may miss them. To make your mouth water, here are 10 very well hidden details of this Breath of the Wild

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Chickens, the ultimate weapon

As you know, the chicken is a demonic being who, in order to take revenge on the fried and the human, attacks and eviscerates everything that passes under its beak. Joking aside, chickens are iconic animals from The Legend of Zelda. Present in many opuses, they are immortal and bring you great misfortune if you harm them. Only in Breath of the Wild, these birds can be used for something else than to sublimate the scenery.


If you hit them with your sword, a horde of Cucco will land on you and peck you out. The youtuber videogamedunkey therefore wondered if the process also applied to enemies. He then grabs a Cucco and gets hit by a Moblin. And surprise, a flock of Cuccos then lands and slaughters your enemy to death. However, this practice should not be allowed to apply to Ganon. The game would be far too simple if this solution proved possible.

Everyone will have their own opinion about your nudity

In Breath of the Wild, you can walk around in shimmering armour, tight leather suits or just with a loincloth, the rest is up in the air. Depending on the NPCs you come across, the reactions will be different. Because their character is unique, each character you will talk to will react differently to your apparent nudity. 


Some will find youto their liking, others will close their eyes or ask you to put on trousers. If your exhibitionist desires circulate as far as Breath of the Wild, know that you will be able to fully express yourself there. However, your habits may displease some of these characters. 


Body of Apollo

After a few small details about the naked adventures of good old Link, know that if you are a fan of shirtless country walks, Link’s animations will adapt to your needs. Although there’s not much point in not wearing armour, no matter how light it is, Link won’t mind feeling the wind blowing down his nipples. 

And for good reason, an animation has been created especially for players with easy nudity. Don’t move and wait long enough for Link to make a unique animation of his own. Get ready, the Time Hero’s overtrained biceps will soon reveal themselves to you. 

Weapons have more uses than gutting enemies

The new title of the saga The Legend of Zelda is full of all kinds of weapons. Masses, halberds, swords, boomerangs or bows, the choice is yours. However, beware, weapons have a limited number of uses and can break at any time. Of course, equipped, these jewels are a marvel when it comes to gutting your enemies. Only, some weapons have other utilities a little particular.


Depending on the type of your weapon, its effect can be different. Firearms burn enemies, ice weapons freeze them. However, equip a firearm at the top of a mountain and your Link won’t be snapping any more. Conversely, equip an ice gun in the middle of the desert and no more excessive sweating. 


Suicide prevention

In Breath of the Wild, you will die a lot. Much more than in the other opus of the saga, in any case. Hyrule has a few bridges and sometimes guards patrol them. However, just because you die a lot there does not mean that you have the right to commit suicide. Suicide is wrong, I see.. Suppose you’re standing on the edge of the bridge facing the void.


Well that guard in question is Brigo. And this Brigo will do everything in his power to prevent you from committing the irreparable. He will explain to you how great life is and will even offer to talk with you for a while, while your dark thoughts fade away. If his superiors saw him, Brigo would definitely get a raise.  

An original way to rust out your weapons

No need to remind you now, the weapons of Breath of the Wild break after a certain amount of use. However, there is a class of weapons that combines low damage and poor durability. These are the rusty guns. However, this kind of equipment has a hidden potential, well hidden behind a thick layer of rust. 

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to clean all this metallic dirt and discover a real gem underneath all this dung. To do so, you must go to meet an Octorok on Death Mountain. This little stone monster has the same insatiable hunger as Kirby. To fill his belly a little, send your rusty sword down his throat. Only Octorok will be attracted only by its rust and spit out the cleaned weapon. Enough to sublimate your armoury without too much effort.

Tributes to Famous People

The news was revealed a few days ago but , a character that looks just like Satoru Iwata, has been seen by many players. As Nintendo’s president who passed away in 2015, Iwata left his mark on the Japanese company as well as the entire video game world. Although nothing has been made official, it seems more than likely that a tribute has been paid to him in the game. And for good reason, an NPC named Botrick has the features of the Japanese. He offers you several side quests and his advice leads, among other things, to the Spirit of the Mountain.


However, Satoru Iwata may not be the only tribute in this Breath of the Wild. Even if the information is to be taken with tweezers, it could well be that Robin Williams has his own NPC. As a reminder, the actor who died in 2014 was a big fan of the saga The Legend of Zelda. His daughter was even named after the princess. When he died, had a petition on the web for developers to pay tribute to him in a game from the saga. Nintendo replied that they’d heard the players’ request but didn’t promise to score. Even if Big N hasn’t made it official, there again, the resemblance is obvious. However, this character doesn’t have a secondary quest to offer you, just the chance to see a familiar face again. 


The sheikah alphabet is the answer to everything

The Sheikah alphabet has been deciphered since Nintendo’s E3 presentation of the title. If you’ve been around the Hyrule world, you’ve noticed that they’re registered everywhere. Especially in shrines. If you have the patience to translate them, they are full of useful information. Simply put, they are the solution to the riddle. However, this solution is not the easiest to obtain since you need a pencil, paper and the translation of the Sheikah alphabet. 


Carry out the operation and the sanctuary itself will tell you how to do it. Breath of the Wild has 120 sanctuaries scattered all over the world. They are full of secrets, trials and above all, allow you to increase your hearts or your energy. Eventually, the Sheikah alphabet will replace German at school because we’re not going to lie to each other, German is useless and it’s ugly. 


Every barn has its own recipe

After your sea, mountain and country expeditions, Link is washed out and fully deserves a good night’s sleep and a good hot meal. However, Zelda isn’t here to cook and our good bachelor will have to help out. To do so, he will have to gather ingredients, light a fire and possibly supervise the cooking. The barns abound in Hyrule and have different functions. 


Surely you can store your horse there. But where you need to open your eyes wide is inside the buildings. On the wall is written a recipe, specific to each cowshed. Take a picture of it or a few minutes later, you’ll forget one of the ingredients. This way, you have to explore more and more in order to get all the details of this Breath of the Wildup to date. And who knows, some players may find a vocation as a cook.


Nature is your mount

If you’ve played one of the songs from the saga The Legend of Zelda, you’ve certainly come across Link’s famous mare Epona. In Breath of the Wild, the horse takes a vacation and will only come to visit you if you can summon it via an Amiibo. However, to make up for his absence, nature makes a ton of new animals available to you. Bears, hinds, skeleton horses, many mammals can be tamed and then ridden. 


However, don’t get too attached. It is currently impossible to store them in a stable. Thus, the slightest misstep and your one-day ride will disappear from your adventure. Given the effort it takes to tame a bear, it would be unfortunate not to be able to keep it by its side for a little while. 


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