Zack Snyder Promises His Justice League Cut Doesn’t Have a Lot of Jokes

Max has released a full Snyder trailer for Valentine’s Day, and DC’s fandom is freaking out. As if references to Nightmare, a black-clad Superman, an avenging Steppenwolf and a terrifying Darkseid weren’t enough, Snyder also decided to announce The Joker, and this is just the first trailer. But there’s less hope for the second trailer, as the film itself doesn’t come out until next month. Well, that’s a debate for another time.

Zack Snyder has confirmed that his version of the film will not contain much humor or jokes. When asked by a Vero fan if he would incorporate humor into his next piece, Zach replied that there weren’t many jokes. And the trailer has already proven it. In Zack Snyder’s first trailer for Justice League, Steppenwolf wreaked havoc, brutally murdering Amazons, destroying horizons, waging battles, and most of all scaring people. Clearly, you don’t need a joke.

ACCEPTED : Snyder’s latest video is getting a lot of media attention from Justice League fans.

When Batman V Superman hit theaters, one of the most common criticisms from some fans and critics who support the MCU was the lack of humor and optimism in the film, unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. That’s because Zack allowed a bigger threat in the form of Darkseid to appear in the film, which would not have a happy ending. Instead of going down the post-credit path, Snyder left the allusion to future DCEU projects in the original story to show the audience what they were getting into. But some people couldn’t understand.

That’s how we got the Josstice League. Warner Bros. asked Whedon to shorten the shooting time and bring more humor to the film, which resulted in the removal of many scenes from the original cut. No! Wait! More than half of the original version. This time, Snyder seems to have decided to take it easy on the joke and focus on the main threat addressed in the film’s plot. DC is known for its dark story, even in comic books. Brutal death, bloodshed and violence are ubiquitous. And it’s not censored or glossed over in a sigh; MCU movies, for example, never show civilian casualties in heroic battles, but treat them as they were in the Civil War. That was not the case in Washington. However, the Justice League suffered a few setbacks that thwarted Snyder’s plans, ultimately leading to a critical and commercial failure.

Still, there would have been something of fun in Zack Snyder’s Justice League}. If you remember that Bruce was dating Barry, the latter can’t hide the truth in this affair, and his failed attempts to help Bruce get rid of his pretensions lead to a comedic moment. It’s one of the scenes where Snyder shoots himself, and it should also cause Snyder to cut himself.

Interestingly, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is R-rated for violence and language, and our favorite Batfleck would drop a bomb at one point in the film. So it’s not just a superhero movie. Four hours of Zack Snyder on HBO Max on the 18th. Mars. The wait is almost over.

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