Youtube Mp3

There are several methods to convert a Youtube video to mp3. Here are the best ones, free or paid, via a simple website or software. On this subject, be careful to respect the law!

YouTube mp3

The principle

The converters described here extract the soundtrack from the video. After processing, it is saved in mp3 format and offered as a file to download. Once the mp3 file is recovered, you can listen to it on any mp3 player, smartphone or computer.

Caution: use these tools respecting the copyrights of the videos concerned. Therefore, you should only convert videos that include songs that you have already purchased or that are royalty-free. In addition, you must comply with the terms of use of the site.

Online tools (websites)

There are several websites offering conversion of a YouTube video to mp3 format. The advantage is that there is nothing to install on your computer, so these tools are PC, Mac and Linux compatible.

Just enter the URL of a YouTube video into a form and the conversion starts immediately. Once it’s done, you just have to download the mp3 as a simple file. The mp3 conversion takes a few minutes, depending on the length of the video.

In general the audio quality is 128 kbps but sometimes higher qualities (e.g. 256 kbps) can be found.

Most of these online tools offer mp3 conversion without prior registration. They often have a French version.

The problem with these online tools is often server congestion. In fact, all users work on the same server for the conversion.

Firefox, Safari or Chrome Extensions

In the same way as the online tools available on websites, there are extensions for browsers such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox, allowing you to do the same work.

These extensions add a toolbar or sometimes directly modify the site by adding a button to download the video in mp3.

The advantage of these extensions (compared to online tools) is that your computer usually performs the conversion. Check it out to avoid the slowness problems sometimes found with online tools.

To install an extension, go to your browser, section Extensions, Plugins or Add-ons, then type “YouTube mp3” in the search form.


There are also software programs that do the same job. These are small utilities that often offer slightly more options than online tools. For example, you can define tags for the created mp3 files (title, artist, album and possibly also comments). You will also be able to choose output formats other than mp3, including WMA and AAC.

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