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This is a place for you to share your ideas and ask for feedback on various heroes in Heroes of the Storm. Is there one hero that has always been your go-to? Have you ever had an idea where someone who liked this character could create their own stories with them, but didn’t know how to get started? This is also a good opportunity for us developers to see what other people would like to play as, or maybe even give some inspiration!

The “heroes of the storm problems ” is a game that has been released recently. It has received mixed reviews, but it can be fun to play. With this game, players are able to create their own hero and fight against other players in various battlegrounds.

I’m not sure whether there will be any more heroes released in this game, but as a fun way to commemorate HotS, let’s come up with some really insane hero ideas (despite the fact that we all know they’ll never happen): 1. Hearthstone’s Don Han’Cho – We already have a two-headed ogre in the game, and Cho’Gall is a really interesting and entertaining hero idea in my view. Why not have a second? Consider all of the options! In Hearthstone’s “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan,” Don Han’Cho differs from Cho’Gall in that they are the commanders of a mob-like street gang. They use firearms, clubs, and explosives instead of magic! There are no Old Ggods here; instead, these individuals are all about plotting and wealth. Like Cho’Gall, they’d be a Warrior/Ranged Assassin (Not sure what to do about the two Chos though).

  1. When it comes to the Old Gods…

I’m not opposed to any Old Gods being added, but I loved C’Thun’s dynamic in Hearthstone’s Whispers of the Old Gods expansion. C’Thun’s presence rises slowly, just like in the classic Lovecraftian writings, as more of its depravity spreads via its followers. It would be thrilling to have a hero that gradually rises in strength until he becomes a massive force of pure mayhem and devastation. Cthulhu has been added to Smite’s roster, and C’Thun would be fantastic to see in HotS. It would be both horrifying and entertaining to have a worldwide presence with tentacles and an ever-watching eye. It’s difficult to assign a role to C’Thun, so we’ll settle with Melee Assassin.

  1. StarCraft II’s Iffy the Infestor – This lone Infestor has managed to break away from the Overmind’s grip and is now attempting to live a peaceful existence. Unfortunately, it is sucked into the Nexus in the middle of a never-ending fight. It can burrow, has fungal growths on its skin, and can employ neural parasites, therefore it’s already a HotS hero! The Infestor hides under the earth and takes possession of allied/enemy lane creeps, similar to Abathur (with their hp, damage and speed possibly scaling up). Other zerg units (swarm hosts, vipers, etc.) may be utilized for inspiration and certain creative liberties can be used.


What do you have in mind, folks? Let’s come up with some more bizarre hero ideas!

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The “state of heroes of the storm 2020 ” is a blog post by Blizzard Entertainment The article discusses how the game has evolved over time and what to expect in the future.

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