‘Your life has changed forever’

Brandon McCallumset fire to the IPL on the opening day

Brandon McCallum, Shah Rukh Khan and Surav Ganguli (Source: Getty Images) Brandon McCallum, a former kiwi listener, was known for his submissive strikes in cricket competitions. He is recognized as one of the best racquets in the game and played several memorable shots during his illustrious career. But one of the batting tricks that made him a superstar is his ruthless shooting with 158 runs of 73 balls at the 2008 IPL for AAC vs RZB.

His marathon knockout left everyone behind, including his teammates, and the 38-year-old remembers the reactions of Suraw Gangula and Shah Rukh Khan after returning to the shelter. IPL was already released in 2008 and got off to a good start with the game between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Kolkata Knight Riders

Most fans probably wouldn’t have expected such a brilliant debut in a league that has a lot of money. Yet McCallum managed to pull the blinkers on his back with his fearless stick. He hit 13 sixes and 10 fours and illuminated the Chinnaswamy Stadium with his brilliant shot.

They will always be with the riders, said Shah Rukh Khan.

Brandon McCallum said he couldn’t remember the exact reactions of the players after his fight at the opening of the IPL 2008. But he remembers the testimony of Surav Gangula, the then RCAF captain. As for the old can opener of the Kiwi, Ganguli told him that his life must have changed.

The 38-year-old said he wasn’t sure what Ganguli meant then. But now he thinks the old Indian captain was right. He also added that Shah Rukh Khan, co-owner of KKR, had clearly stated that he would always remain a Knight.

I don’t remember many reactions in detail, but I do remember what Surav Ganguli told me that night. says Dada His life changed forever, and I didn’t really understand what he meant then, but (in hindsight) I agree 100% with him. Shah Rukh, in the next month or days and weeks and months, he said. You will always be with the Knights Cavaliers, quote KKR official website Brandon McCallum.

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