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MISCELLANEOUS FACTS – It is clearly the “criminal lead” that is favoured by investigators in Nantes .

 In Nantes, we are no longer talking about a worrying disappearance. From now on, it is clearly the “criminal lead” that is favoured by the investigators in Nantes to explain the disappearance of a family of six people. Ouest-France states that several bodies were found in the garden by investigators. A source close to the investigation speaks of “body remains” found, which would appear to correspond to the “unidentified” leg found this Thursday morning under the terrace of the family’s home.

 According to Xavier Ronsin, the public prosecutor in Nantes, this is a “significant element” that tips the case towards a “criminal trail of kidnapping and murder”. A call for witnesses was also made this Thursday morning at the following number: 02 53 46 74 20. The investigators are looking for three vehicles, a Pontiac (registration number 562 BCE 44), a Citroën C5 (registration number 235 CJG 44) and a Renault (registration number 784 CGC 44).

 If the circumstances of their disappearance are totally unknown, a testimony reported by RTL could help the investigation: two neighbours claim to have seen the father of the family, about 15 days ago, filling “his trunk with big bags and shopping bags”. He went back and forth several times, they said.  And “the dogs howled to death two nights in a row” three weeks ago, they added. For them, for sure, the father of the family “is alive”.

 An “urgent professional transfer” to Australia?

 The parents, a salesman and a high school supervisor aged 50 and 48 respectively, rented a private house in the centre of Nantes. They disappeared “around 3 or 4 April” with their four children aged 21, 18, 16 and 13, and their two dogs. “This family lived in isolation,” said the prosecutor. Noting that the shutters of their house had been closed for some time, the neighbours sounded the alarm.

 An investigation was then opened, which revealed that all the family’s bank accounts had been closed and that the mobile phones were switched off. There have been no calls or Internet connections from the house line since 3 or 4 April, nor have any airport or train station recorded their passage.  No traces of blood or violence, or even a struggle, were found in the family home. “The house was clean, the cupboards empty. There was no computer equipment inside,” a police investigator also said.  “There was no rubbish,” a police source added, saying the central units of the computers had disappeared.

 The school of two of the children received a letter from their parents ten days ago indicating that the children would not be coming back because of an “urgent professional transfer” of the father to Australia, Olivier Bouissou, the headmaster of La Perverie Sacré Coeur school, told AFP on Thursday.

“delusional explanations”

 Before disappearing, the family left other “delirious and contradictory” writings, says the prosecutor. “Relatives have received a letter in which Mr. M. explained that he was a secret agent for the United States and that he had to go there under a witness protection programme,” he says. The father had also called his wife’s employer to inform him that she had gastroenteritis and had been hospitalized, before the boss received a mysterious letter of resignation, reports Europe 1. The radio also states that the mother of the family, who was very religious, had gone to see a nun and told her: “Pray for me, I’m going to need it”.

 A security perimeter has been set up since this Thursday morning around the home located on a busy boulevard. Parked about 50 meters away, a black Golf course, which according to neighbors, belonged to the family, is also guarded by a policeman. A short message would have been handwritten in the pollen deposited on the bodywork: “You had no right. We miss you. PK” .