Yellow Pages, is It Worth It?


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  7. Good morning, sir,
  8. It’s all in the question: I have a free basic listing on, but I’m wondering whether paying for their premium pack that guarantees visibility in the first results (on so, not on google, I know they dare to offer that too…) when someone types my activity (private detective) and my city (Lyon) is interesting… ? Or do we might as well put this budget on adwords?
  9. If someone who paid for his listing on can give me a return, it would help me 😉
  10. Thank you
  12. Passionate WRInaute
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  19. Hi,
  20. I don’t practice, but, return from my clients: No interest, loss of money.
  21. That means everything, I think…
  22. ABCWEB
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  29. Too expensive for the little result
  30. NathVit
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  37. Please note that you have stats specific to your publication plan, that you can consult them even if you are not a customer by creating an account at this address . You will then see for yourself if it is interesting or not to have more contacts :)
  38. ABCWEB
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  45. Yes and thanks to these stats we have seen that google brings back much more contact than the yellow pages, so we stop the yellow pages.
  46. NathVit
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  53. You’ve made the decision that suits you best, I suppose.
    on the other hand I answered to play13 , because I think that you ABCWEB lack objectivity :)
    It is always good to have different points of view.
  54. So play13 still think that the single entry door is never desirable in either the so-called real or virtual world. Unfortunately (if not how simple) people do not all do their research in the same way. Google drains 90% of the consultations via the engine, is in 2nd position on the search for local pros.
    Another point you should also take into account is that once on Google not everyone will click on the same link, hence the importance of multiplying the doors to your company.
    Then you have to think about looking at what you are transforming via Google and other web media.
  55. ABCWEB
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  62. To be totally objective I should point out that google is free and that the yellow pages cost a fortune and that with the budget of the yellow pages we can already make beautiful adwords and/or Facebook campaigns.
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  70. To be totally objective, you should have written YellowPages, Google, Facebook are free, and also have paid offers
    But it’s like many other things, a site can be free if the pro does it alone, will it have the same performance?
    To move around I can do it on foot which is free (except wear of the soles I grant you) and I can take a car for example and the displacement becomes paying :)
    Don’t be so judgmental, you’ll only be more credible
    On this good end of the day
  71. ABCWEB
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  78. I’m not the only one who thinks that…
  79. Since you have to spend time to get results, no it is not free.
  80. ABCWEB
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  87. Yeah, but it’s not money to be taken out of the treasury.
  88. That’s time/man. So it has value, even if it doesn’t directly materialize into monetary value.
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  96. They’ve got good web sales reps at Yellow Pages.
  97. Personally, I had done an audit in a company using the yellow pages (including site creation), and the results are in the range of 0 to 0.1.
  98. Regarding local searches, Google has become THE reference for local. You may or may not regret it, but searches are essentially done via the engine by typing directly dentist lyon for example.
  99. @NathVit you want to diversify at Yellow Pages, and that’s normal, but it’s not yet ready and you have a strong competitor.
  100. play13
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  107. I did not follow through on their proposal, for several reasons:
  108. – too expensive
    – their site is a real gas factory, unbearable. You go from to without really understanding why, and having to identify yourself each time, with two different accounts. To top it all off, I’m still waiting for the forgotten password email I requested 20 minutes ago.
    – With them, quantity comes before quality: on the private detective research in Lyon, I have a colleague who is visible 3 times at :
    * Investipoleagency * Investipole* Investipoleoffice * Investipoleoffice So if the directory is a mess and the same company is present 3 times, as long as you pay you are welcome.
  109. In short, pointless and excessively expensive.
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