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Contents With an interface modelled on that of e-mail management software, Yahoo’s online messaging is more user-friendly and secure. And offers unlimited storage space.

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Yahoo! Mail offers unlimited storage space to store your emails. It is even its main asset, compared to its two main competitors: Google Gmail and Windows Live Mail. Both offer only 2.8 and 5 GB of storage space for their subscribers respectively. However, if the storage space is unlimited on Yahoo! Mail, the maximum size of attachments in sending and receiving is 10 MB. It increases to 20 MB in the paid version of this online messaging service. Clever, this service imports messages and contacts from these two webmails, like others, and automatically sends an email to its correspondents to alert them of this change of address.

Inspired by the interface of e-mail software, Yahoo Mail integrates, in a column on the left of the window, the list of its various folders (inbox, sent messages, spam, contact, etc.). At the top, the list of messages contained in the selected folder is displayed and the preview pane appears at the bottom. Like web browsers, Yahoo! Mail has a tabbed system in order to display several messages in the same web page. As a result, the display is improved. Double-clicking on one or more messages will open them in new tabs. You switch from one to the other and back to your inbox with a single click. Each email can be declared as abusive mail or marked with a tracking flag. Yahoo Mail, on the other hand, does not offer to tag messages with keywords. The search tool is a simple search tool that reviews the headings, bodies and attachments of the letters. The automatic entry of e-mail addresses stored in contacts is appreciated. This online messaging system always offers a fairly reliable anti-spam and checks for the presence of viruses (Norton Antivirus) in attachments before and after sending.  Finally, please note that if you do not use the service for 90 consecutive days, your Yahoo! Free mail is disabled. Emails will be retrieved once the account is reactivated. Yahoo! Mail is especially worth the detour for its unlimited storage space.


  • Prices
  • Free
  • Image Product
  • Rating (Good)
  • Unlimited storage space, tabbed email display, virus checking of attachments.
  • Rating (Bad)
  • No keyword tagging of emails, attachment size limited to 10 MB.
  • Rating (Bottomline)
  • This simple and efficient webmail offers unlimited storage space. But it only offers a search tool to scan your emails and limits the size of attachments to 10 MB.

Yahoo! Mail: the best prices

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