Yahoo Mail

This Thursday, June 20, Oath unveiled the main features of the overhaul of its mobile messaging service, Yahoo Mail. The firm also reveals that it has optimized the latter for the new Android Go devices, the lighter version of the operating system.

As its name suggests, Yahoo Mail is the free messaging service of Oath, the sacred union of Yahoo and AOL. The latter, born in 1997, seemed to be becoming obsolete and needed serious updating to keep pace with the relentless growth in the number of mobile Internet users, which is expected to increase by more than 50% worldwide by 2025. Yahoo Mail now wants to be perceived the same by everyone, regardless of smartphone model; location; storage capacity or network speed.


An updated mobile web experience

TheYahoo Mail application therefore gets a new skin, designed to resolutely optimize the mobile web browsing experience, with several improvements developed in JavaScript, and built thanks to the Node.js extension.

First, the swipe enters the inbox. This is the possibility to read the emails quickly, by simply sliding your finger to the right to mark them as “read” and to the left to delete them. Now a common feature on mobile phones. Scrolling through the mails to infinity is a non-negligible option, which will prevent users from clicking “next” every x mails.

As you will have understood, email management has been largely rethought. With the “delete”, “forward” and “reply” buttons, the toolbar is easier to access than ever before, and allows you to process your e-mails in an almost aerial way.

The suggestion of an email address is also interesting, especially if some of our contacts are regular. In fact, the most frequent addresses are automatically proposed after the user has typed the first letters.

And it is now possible to create folders, thanks to the integration of a side menu in the mobile version.

Finally, the inbox becomes customizable. New color themes are available, and it is even possible to insert light or dark backgrounds.

Yahoo Mail

Note that for this improved version, all actions (deleting emails, cleaning the trash…) are instantaneous. There is no more reloading of the box, contrary to the basic version.

Yahoo Mail, also redesigned on Android Go

Yahoo Mail

Android Go is the operating system designed for entry-level smartphones with limited features.

Yahoo Mail doesn’t forget them, and offers similarly enhanced functionality, with the same speed and reliability as traditional messaging, while ” limits RAM usage on devices below 50 Mb ,” OATH says in a press release.

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