Xbox Series X Is Getting a Higher-Resolution, 4K Dashboard

For those of you that haven’t heard, Microsoft recently released a new dashboard update for all Xbox One users. Among the many new features, one of the most intriguing is the inclusion of a 4K resolution. This is the first time we’ve seen Microsoft deliver a native 4K resolution to their gaming console, and it’s great to see them taking this step.

Microsoft is bringing a 4K version of the Xbox dashboard to Xbox One S consoles in a limited preview of the new dashboard. The Xbox One S will be available for $299 in most markets.

Microsoft is reportedly planning to release the Xbox One X, a console that runs on a custom version of the Windows 10 operating system and make available a 4K-resolution dashboard for the Xbox One games. The new console is reported to have the enhanced VR support, which will allow users to experience virtual reality games in a better way.. Read more about xbox series x dashboard 4k update and let us know what you think.

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When players discovered that Microsoft’s next-gen console, which was (and continues to be) aggressively promoted as the most powerful gaming machine ever, only had a 1080p interface, there was some criticism around the time of its debut. Xbox enthusiasts were caught aback since this seemed to be a poor fit for current TVs, which almost all have 4K screens.

The Xbox Series X’s low-resolution interface, on the other hand, will soon be a thing of the past. Microsoft has disclosed that it is developing a new user interface with a higher resolution to better use 4K screens.

Insiders may start testing it today as part of a new update that also includes system improvements, according to the release notes for the current Xbox Update Preview in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring.

“Alpha Skip-Ahead Insiders with Xbox Series X consoles connected to a 4K monitor may begin flying a higher resolution UI with today’s update,” Microsoft adds. “As a result of this change, Home, Guide, and other UI sections will be presented at a higher native resolution for improved clarity and text readability.”

Sony released their PlayStation 5 consoles with a 4K dashboard, unlike the Xbox Series X. Because the PS4 Pro has a 4K UI, Microsoft’s move to increase the resolution of the xbox series X’s dashboard is long overdue.

1629221177_681_Xbox-Series-X-Is-Getting-a-Higher-Resolution-4K-DashboardImage credit: Microsoft

Hello there, Xbox Insiders! The Alpha Skip-Ahead ring is getting a new Xbox Update Preview. It’s worth noting that some of the changes in these preview OS versions involve background improvements aimed at ensuring a high-quality and reliable build for Xbox platforms.

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Microsoft is gearing up to launch their next-generation Xbox console, codenamed “Project Scorpio”, on November 7th. The company has been working on the next-gen console for two years and they’ve managed to keep the specs under wraps up until now.. Read more about xbox series x gamefaqs and let us know what you think.

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