WWE Legend Reveals Thoughts on Lakers’ Magic Johnson, 2020 Olympics


Erwin Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka are talking about next season in LA. Lakers.

Mark Henry is not only the strongest man in the world, he’s also a great storyteller.

During his performance in #WORDSWITHSCOOP on Instagram Live, Henry shared his thoughts on The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Wrestlemania 36.

Even in the words of the miser Henry, born in Texas, the coronavirus and the cancellation of the Summer Olympics in 2020, the encounter with Magic Johnson in 1992 and the comparison between the Big Show and Andre Giant were weighed against each other.

Look at my notes below:

Mark Henry shares the feeling that the 2020 Summer Olympics will be postponed this year because of the coronavirus:

You know what, I’m all for it. I think the Olympics are really for athletes. The systems in which the athletes take place, the Olympic Games, the World Championships, as you call them, are important. But the numerical factor is who is the best athlete in the world in that particular sport. And I just want all athletes to behave like you do at the Olympics. The day you have to report, you keep practicing. Carry on. Because you may never come back to this point, and I don’t think you can expect the Olympics to be the last game. You have to compete with each other, and on this day, you have to compete with each other. And do it again next year. You need to get ready. You have to participate with yourself in the pre-Olympic races. It’s like having a guaranteed red shirt.

A conversation with Magic Johnson during a flight to Barcelona in 1992:

In 1992 a man on a plane to Barcelona touched my shoulder and I looked up and it was Erwin Johnson. It’s magical. I was in a slam dunk competition at Foot Locker and somebody told Erwin I was on a plane and he came up to me and said Look, hey, man. I saw you at the slam Dunk Contest How did you do that? We were talking, and I started crying. That’s him: What’s going on? I said: I wanted to talk to you, but I was told not to. You said leave the Dream Team boys alone. And he said: Dude, it’s bullshit like you, cool like Erwin… I told him that everything I have in life is thanks to you. My mother in 1980. They went out that summer with shoes called Guns, and I wanted those shoes.

Mark Henry compares the Big Show to Andre the Giant:

For what André has done and what he has experienced in battle, I place him above all other fighters. It’s above Mount Rushmore. It’s above the top ten your top three, or any other list you can make. I’ll put it on. As an entertainer and a man who could do anything, Big Shaw was boundless. He was the best athlete I’ve ever seen. Not just the fight, but the way he fought and traveled. You have to understand that the Big Show was 7 feet 1 inch tall and at one point weighed almost 500 pounds. And when I saw him abroad without a first-class seat, I had great respect for him. He’s suffered as much as Andre. In Europe it is very difficult to drive a minibus for 20 days and put on a show every night. And the Big Show was the most important event, just like me. All the more so because at certain times he was working on these long matches and at the end of the show he immediately went back to the bus, took 3 to 5 hours by bus to Europe and the next city and resumed his work.

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