Wuhan CocoBull Technology might have adopted a strategy for the post-lockdown in the country. Detais about the multi-million investment.

On the days when the 50% mortality rate in China was updated, the Wuhan coronavirus epicentre was added to the list of low risk areas, given the 16 new cases recorded by COVID-19 throughout China.

The technical company specializes in the development of technologies for the block chain industry, including an intelligent browser for obtaining industry information, the Big Data Mining analysis platform, and the artificial intelligence tool for providing personal information to users. Wuhan CocoBull Technology’s development team consists of veterans of Tencent, Huawei and Microsoft.


According to one of the project participants, CocoBull has laid a good foundation for years for block block technology, large data and integrated AI applications, but also for the extensive use of multi-channel data and intelligent data analysis. The Big Data Analysis Programme is a development of its own and is used in several areas, including assessing the risk of money laundering and monitoring crime data for authorities and banks.

The expenses of the OK Group, which have not been fully disclosed, are intended to promote the further growth of Wuhan CocoBull Technology’s products and services under the embargo and to strengthen business confidence in Wuhan’s technology industry. In 76 days, the city was the first to contract the coronavirus. The eighth. The blockade was lifted in April and the city is now rebuilding its shattered economy.


Technology plays a crucial role here, because Wuhan’s track record in this region is already very good. One of the regions, the development area of Wuhan, was already established as a large robotic test facility before the coronavirus appeared. CocoBull has been successful in key technologies such as intelligent search engine for block chain components, large-scale data mining research, etc., said OK Group, the main shareholder of the block chain start-ups.

We also hope to stimulate the growth of S&T start-ups in Wuhan and help the local economy to develop after the epidemic.

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