World of Warcraft Classic: Some Players Use Illegal Tools to Stay Connected

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Earlier this week, Blizzard released World of Warcraft Classic. The launch was, overall, a success, but there are long queues to connect to the kingdoms. And for good reason, some players use illegal tools to stay connected and thus avoid disconnection for inactivity.

Avoid disconnection at all costs

In the hope of avoiding having to wait several hours before being able to reach their respective servers, some players do not hesitate to use illegal tools. By doing so, they force their characters to move continuously, avoiding Blizzard’s detection software. Being afk in World of Warcraft is one thing, logging out for inactivity is another. Nevertheless, the use of so-called auto-clicker programs is forbidden, both in World of Warcraft and in World of Warcraft Classic.

While some people stay connected by letting software click anywhere, others prefer to see their characters run against a wall. At least they would see it if they were at their keyboards. Even if the character is technically active, Blizzard still considers this inaction to be afk.

For users of thesepractices, the proliferation of this type of behavior is directly related to Blizzard’s lack of investment in its servers. Even though the American publisher has recently increased the capacity of its servers, some kingdoms are still difficult to reach. But as Kotaku reports, there is a solution, even if it remains unusual to say the least. This solution comes from the famous Method guild and has been used in their usual Race to World First where their players will try to level up to 60 as quickly as possible before facing Ragnaros and Onyxia. To stay connected during breaks, one of the players would go around the computers and press the space bar on the keyboards.

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