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Published : 17. June 2020 11:01:33

World Champion Christian Coleman contests the latest missed drug test, fears suspension. If an athlete has a combination of three missed tests within a period of 12 months, this can be considered a violation of the anti-doping rule. (source: Reuters)

Reigning world champion Christian Coleman insists that a simple phone call from drug addicts during Christmas shopping could have prevented the last misunderstanding about his whereabouts, which according to him could have led to a suspension.

The 24-year-old American sprinter explained his last missed drug test on Tuesday in a long post on his Twitter account.

He said the test of the nine. December is his third infringement in a 12-month period leading to a suspension. He also missed the test on 16 January 2019 and a re-test on 26 January. April 2019 as a result of a rejected application.

Coleman is a popular 100-meter sprinter who won Olympic gold on his way to the Tokyo Games, which were postponed until next summer due to a coronavirus pandemic.

In his opinion, he stated that he would appeal for six months against the last missed test at the Athletics Integrity Unit, which manages the anti-doping program in athletics.

He explained that there was no sign of anyone coming to his house, and that if he had been called, he would have been gone for five minutes at the Christmas centre.

Coleman enclosed a copy of his report on the failed attempt with his contribution.

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In an additional section of the questionnaire comments it is stated that every 10 minutes during the whole hour a hard blow was given.
The man said the doorbell was also pressed, but we couldn’t hear the ringing inside, so it wasn’t clear if it worked.

It also turned out that no telephone calls were made according to the client’s instructions, Coleman wrote. Literally, IDK (I don’t know) why this time was different.

He even said he didn’t hear the doorbell, so why didn’t you call me? Why did IAU tell her not to contact me? He wrote down the wrong address, so who knows if he came to see me.

Coleman stated that he received a report the next day about a failed attempt by IAU. Letters to Agent Coleman and the GIS were not returned immediately.

Elite athletes from all over the world are required to complete a Whereabouts Form to enable anti-doping authorities to perform out-of-competition tests.

An offence means that the athlete did not fill out the forms indicating where he could be found, or was not where the inspectors say he will be when they arrive.

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If the athlete has a combination of three missed tests within a period of 12 months, this may be a violation of the anti-doping rule.

I’ve got some receipts I’m going to buy, then I’ll bring food and come back on time, so I don’t think he’ll be here for an hour, and why would he call if he doesn’t call me? Coleman just wrote.

Coleman won the 100 meter race at the World Championships in Doha, Qatar, last September after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency dropped the cost of missed trials due to technical problems in a very confusing set of rules.

I have never taken, and never will take, dietary supplements or performance enhancers, Coleman wrote Tuesday.

I’m willing to take a drug test every day for the rest of my career, for whatever I want to prove my innocence.

Coleman added: I have no idea what I could have done to prevent this, but my parents gave me a doorbell camera for Christmas that had to nip everything and every misunderstanding in the bud.

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