Wolfenstein: the New Order

Wolfenstein: the New Order

The game weighs 43.9 go! Including 6go of kinematics.

First minutes of play at full throttle with a 780:

i5 2500k at 90%, 3go of vram used: they ask for an i7 to see if the i5 still holds up in the big scenes.

Huge jerks, the game doesn’t run at full speed, you have to lower the streaming textures or the shadow resolution and then it runs fine, it still consumes 2.6go of realm. Seeing if it was because of the loading of the game, it seems to go better afterwards I’m completely without jerks.

The 60fps don’t hold that, we frequently go to 55fps and yet the scene is light. The game isn’t that nice and we’re far from a Metro Last Light, we don’t set the filters and it seems that it’s missing, the textures aren’t very fine and the modeling is very average.

Speaking of the big red card textures because they’re blurred for a second when they enter the field of vision, it’s a problem that’s 10 times worse on consoles, even with all the options at full throttle, it’s a shame… it looks like it’s made with a pretty limited engine. Even the mouse is inaccurate. It’s like Skyrim, the vsync doesn’t work. Example: a window is cracked and when you take 3 steps backwards the crack is no longer visible, it disappears in front of your eyes, if you are at the limit and you move the camera you will see the crack flashing (!).

After 3 minutes of play it doesn’t look great technically, the game is coded in a singular way in the Id Software mode, checking it’s the engine of Rage and the ex future Doom 4 now aborted after a failed dev (sending that, good).

In terms of the game itself, all I can say for now is that the moves are fast compared to other fps, certainly to encourage action, the in-game kinematics cut the rhythm a bit (why not go through real time?). We’ve got a health score to work up by picking up packs like in oldschool games, a skill tree that seems rather anecdotal to me, we’re picking up some very uninteresting notes on Nazis. It’s a mistake of game design to start a game in such a confined place and with such directed actions, it’s straight press the button and look at the kinematics, it’s seen and reviewed and it doesn’t push to see the sequel.

Here’s the test after 10 minutes: call of dutyesque in less beautiful. Hoping for a hasty judgment!

edit: mdr the game just crashed during the loading of the second level, with an ingame error message which makes me think it’s from the game.

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