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WOLF Garten® Interlocken® Pole Pruning System: Product Review

WOLF Garten® Interlocken® Pole Pruning System: Product Review


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German engineering at its greatest. Contemplate buying the WOLF Garten ®Interlocken® system if you would like more room, much less muddle, and top-quality tools.

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The WOLF-Garten® Interlocken® pruning pole system is a mixture of elements, including a telescoping pole, pruning saw, and bypass lopper head.

The idea behind the Interlocken® system is to supply quite a lot of “handles” (poles – both fastened or telescoping) in differing lengths with a collection of attachments that “allows for more than 1,000 combinations (of tools to handles), while saving space by creating a system that limits the amount of poles you have to store.” I wish to name it a “plug-n-play” system, the place multiple tools work with a single deal with.

WOLF-Garten® makes Interlocken® tools for cultivating, weeding, raking, residence care, window care, tree care, winter clean-up, and more. The company also manufactures individual instruments, like bypass and anvil pruners and loppers, and hedge shears, among others. Yow will discover our evaluation of the WOLF-Garten® Telescoping Loppers here.



Aluminum is a wonderful conductor of electricity, so never use this pole pruner (or some other software with an aluminum shaft) around power strains.

  • Deal with (Pole): Telescoping from 87 – 157 inches
  • Deal with Material – Outdoors Tube: plastic coated aluminum
  • Handle Material – Inside Tube: aluminum
  • Handle Diameter (outdoors tube): 1-1/eight inches
  • Deal with Locking Mechanism: Spring-loaded pin drops into pre-drilled holes every 14 inches
  • Noticed Length w/ deal with: 24 inches
  • Noticed Blade Length: 16 inches
  • Noticed Blade Materials: Double-hardened Swedish metal (which means “Impulse” hardened)
  • Noticed Tooth Geometry: Double grind geometry
  • Bypass Lopper Head Material: High carbon steel
  • Bypass Lopper Head Coating: PTFE (just like Teflon®)
  • Bypass Lopper Head Practical Slicing Diameter: 1 inch


How many tools have you ever owned with a dedicated deal with for every implement? Hoes, rakes, cultivators, shovels, brooms, weeders, dethatchers…fairly soon, your backyard shed or storage seems to be like a broomstick manufacturing unit. Wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel handles make it arduous to seek out the software you need because it’s buried underneath a pile of other tools.

Wouldn’t it’s nice to own only one or two handles and a number of plug-and-play tools that snap into the top of these poles (or “handles,” as WOLF-Garten® calls them)?  That is the elemental concept of the Interlocken® system. WOLF-Garten® eliminates extra handles and concentrates as an alternative on creating implements that plug into the top of a deal with and snap in place with a pin to carry the device firmly in place. Fewer handles, more choices. Less frustration, extra flexibility. One or two handles, plus a box or two of plug-in tools, and your garage can now be clutter-free!


The Interlocken® system integrates a locking pin inside software implements that attaches to handles


My experience with the tree gear (telescoping deal with, saw head, and bypass lopper head) was mind-blowing. I used to be impressed with how securely the instruments snapped into place. There was nearly no wiggling round of the device heads (also called “play”). I felt like I was driving a precision German sports activities automotive when utilizing the tree gear. Even once I used the pole saw head, I anticipated some play within the system once I pulled arduous on the handle to lop off branches. As an alternative, it stayed secure.

Another well-considered function of the Interlocken® tree pruning system is what I wish to call the “button guard.” WOLF-Garten® realized that implements thrust into brushy tree canopies may get hung up on branches, depressing the locking button and inflicting the software head to get caught within the tree, while the handle remained in your palms. The button guard is molded into the pruning saw head and added to the bypass lopper head (held in place with a brief piece of rope). I poked around some fairly thick tree canopies, and I never experienced either the noticed or the bypass lopper heads detaching from the deal with.



The molded button guard prevented the noticed head from detaching within the tree.


A separate plastic button guard comes commonplace with the bypass lopper head.


I reviewed the ZMV4 handle, a telescoping deal with that extends from 87 inches (7.25 ft) to 157 inches (13.08 ft). The handle is principally a two-piece aluminum pole:

  • The outer pole features a plastic cowl and cap on the end of the deal with.
  • The inside deal with is an aluminum pole with six equally-spaced holes.

At the entrance finish of the deal with, you’ll discover a red-colored plastic thumb lever, mounted in a yellow housing. The pink lever activates a spring-loaded pin that matches exactly (and with no play) into certainly one of six holes.


The plastic locking mechanism has a purple thumb lever to function the spring activated locking pin.

A “V” notch molded into the spring/pin activation system aligns with a small gap. This gap acts as a information to properly place the bigger, round hole underneath the spring- activated pin. Since both handles are round, the internal deal with spins freely around in a circle when not locked in place. The small alignment gap ensures the right position for the spring-loaded pin to drop into the internal handle hole.


The “V” notch aligns the round inside handle/pole in order that the locking pin will fall into position to safe both poles together.

At the entrance of the internal tube (inside the deal with), you’ll discover a pink button. If you depress the button, the deal with accepts Interlocken® instruments. The button is spring-loaded and snaps back into place when the software is absolutely inserted into the top of the deal with – holding the software in place.


The spring-loaded pink button on the end of the Interlocken® handle locks instruments in place


Of all the pole saw/lopper head handles I’ve reviewed so far, the WOLF-Garten® telescoping handle offers the stiffest, most inflexible handle. There was nearly no flex, even when prolonged to its max size of just over 13 ft. The stiffness made it very straightforward to regulate the saw head and avoid bouncing when positioning it for the initial noticed pruning minimize. The handle also offered a particularly secure platform to position the lopper head.

I favored its fastened pole position holes versus a fully-adjustable pole length mechanism. We’ve examined different telescoping poles (handles) that give infinite length flexibility, however typically they loosened up and slid forwards and backwards when using the saw head. With locking holes placed each 14 inches, I felt the deal with gave me sufficient length flexibility to deal with something from 7 ft to only over 13 ft.


The handle was tremendous stiff, making for wonderful management and no bounce whereas pruning.


I used the skilled grade tree noticed first. Its high-carbon, double-hardened Swedish steel blade is impulse hardened. (“Impulse hardened” is a metallurgy term for a blade manufactured to be 3 times more durable than typical excessive carbon steel.) The blades final 3 times longer, but because of the manufacturing course of, it makes the tooth so arduous that they can’t be sharpened.

The saw also features a hook at the finish of the blade to tug reduce, caught branches out of the cover of a tree.

Moreover, a metallic hook where the blade attaches to the handle permits the noticed to hold within the tree when not in use. Please notice: many pole saws supply this function, but you need to be exceedingly cautious about its use. Accidents can happen if the wind picks up and the noticed falls off a wind-blown branch. Additionally, when you’re not paying consideration, chances are you’ll again into the hanging saw and dislodge it, causing the saw to fall and probably minimize you. The hook is a pleasant function, however deal with it with great respect. Safety first. Sufficient stated.


Included into the noticed head is a hook to hold the noticed up in a tree whereas not in use.

Whereas the noticed attaches to the telescoping handle, its design allows it for use additionally by itself as a hand saw. Molded into the handle is a hand grip with a notch for the index finger and a hook behind the noticed, making sure my hand wouldn’t slip off when operating the saw in the pull stroke. (The saw cuts on the pull stroke).


The pole noticed head can be utilized as a hand noticed.

Video of the Wolf-Garten Interlocken Pole Noticed

Watch the video evaluation of the Wolf-Garten Interlocken pole saw under to study numerous features of the pole saw, easy methods to modify the size, and see it in action as we tested it out on some mesquite wood in Tucson, Arizona.


Like the noticed, the bypass lopper match like a glove at the end of the Interlocken® telescoping deal with. I appreciated a number of features:

  • The pulley system gave it large chopping power. The slicing head operated with four pulleys, which gave it a four:1 energy ratio.
  • The adjustable pull handle is designed like a jam cleat. I didn’t should wrap the pull rope round my arm or tie a knot in the rope under the handle once I wanted to “choke up” on the rope. As an alternative, the pull deal with was placed on the rope on the correct position after which pressured into one aspect or different of the hole deal with’s tapered slot. Unbelievable! Who needs to battle additional rope? Not me.


The jam cleat deal with design prevented wrapping the extra rope across the deal with or my arm or tying an additional knot under the handle.

  • Additionally, the bypass lopper head came with a rope-tending gadget. Primarily, it is a plastic sleeve and metallic coil that slips over the deal with (pole) and acts as a rope guide, neatly managing the rope that comes instantly off the chopping head pulley system.


An integrated rope holder stored the additional line from interfering with the telescoping deal with.

  • The pivoting slicing head swings about 300 whenever you pull up on two levers and allow them to drop back into slots machined into the mechanism. This provides the slicing head the power to regulate to satisfy the department at the optimum slicing angle so that a correct pruning minimize may be achieved1.


The adjustable lopper head angle got here in useful for slicing branches at numerous angles.

  • The 300 adjustment increments swing via an 1800 arc. I discovered it sensible to make use of the top from 00 (the top is parallel to the deal with) by means of 900 (the top is perpendicular to the handle). Between rotating the handle and adjusting the top to the right angle, I made proper pruning cuts.


The lopper head adjusted to the 90-degree place for hard-to-prune branches

1 The chopping blade ought to be resting towards the department that isn’t going to be eliminated, and the counter blade (the non-cutting blade) ought to be on the surface of the chopping blade. This is the only approach to achieve a proper pruning reduce where a “stub” just isn’t left behind (where insects and illnesses can infect the tree). See the video under for extra info.

Video of the Wolf-Garten Interlocken Pole Pruner

Under you’ll discover a video evaluate of the Wolf-Garten Interlocken Pole Pruner. See how the pole pruner works, its rotating capabilities, the right approach to make a pruning reduce, some initial ideas on its efficiency, and examples of it chopping via some mesquite tree branches.

Chopping Performance – Saw

The noticed made nice, clean cuts whether I used it at the finish of the handle or as a stand-alone hand noticed. The double-ground, double-hardened Swedish steel reduce by means of branches with no hitch.

The double-ground tooth configuration on this saw is totally different than the more generally discovered triple-ground tooth geometry and makes deeper striations on the branch when making a pruning minimize. Nevertheless, it still makes a wonderfully acceptable clean, fast minimize.


The WOLF Garten® minimize (left pic) seems totally different than a reduce made with a triple floor tooth (proper pic) but still provides a clear minimize

Slicing Efficiency – Bypass Lopper

The bypass lopper head with its four:1 energy ratio made quick work of one-inch diameter mesquite wood (which could be very arduous stuff).

Practically speaking, the lopper will only reduce material within the one-inch vary, despite the fact that the blades can open as large as 1-½ inches. When the blades have been absolutely opened (i.e., past 1 inch), I found that branches slid off the counter blade when the chopping blade closed.

So far as the cuts have been concerned, they have been good and clean. The blades are coated with PTFE (just like Teflon®) to stop sap and resins from build up on them.


The lopper head made quick work of pruning branches.


The Interlocken® Lopper Head made clear cuts


The lopper head had no drawback with chopping one-inch material.


WOLF Garten® additionally added one other cool function to the lopper head – the power to lock the blades closed for protected transport. By molding a tapered hook into one of the mechanical levers, the rope might be jammed into this area, protecting the pruning blades closed.


A particular locking mechanism is molded into one of many arms to keep the blades closed during transport

For the saw blade, WOLF Garten® offered a protective plastic guard that integrated perfectly with the sharp noticed tooth.


A saw tooth guard is offered to protect from cuts while the saw is in transport.

When using either the saw or lopper heads, I like to recommend using security glasses to guard your eyes from falling sawdust and/or branches. Moreover, noticed blades can break if bent at excessive angles, and metallic fragments might hit you in the eye(s). I like to recommend these security glasses from Wiley-X .

Additionally, use a superb pair of gloves. They not only hold your arms protected from the sharp edges of the slicing blades but in addition assist forestall scratches and cuts to your palms whereas dragging brush or inserting the pole handle into thick, brushy environments.

Lastly, when slicing branches immediately over your head, I like to recommend sporting a hard hat. You’ll find many arduous hats out there from massive field shops or on-line. Ensure to buy one that’s ANSI (American Nationwide Requirements Institute) authorised.


WOLF-Garten® provides one of the longest warranties (that I’ve seen) within the business: 35 years towards defects in material and workmanship.


I appreciated the WOLF-Garten® Interlocken® system very much. It reduce down on the number of handles sometimes devoted to each gardening/landscaping device. It additionally gave me the pliability to retailer implements in a much more organized and confined area, giving me more room in my backyard shed. The instruments match the deal with completely, and I skilled nearly no play between the software and the deal with – German engineering at its greatest.

The tools have been sharp and made clear cuts. The telescoping deal with was uber-stiff and offered a secure platform so there was no flexing of the shafts. The rigid deal with was an actual profit when starting the noticed and lopper cuts. The instruments stayed in place, and I didn’t want to make use of loads of additional body power to place them, which may be tiring with a wobbly deal with.

I appreciated the security options of the locking lopper head and the saw tooth guard. And speaking of guards, I appreciated the engineering of the button guard used to guard the button that hooked up the chopping tools to the top of the deal with.

Would I recommend this technique? You guess.


WOLF-Garten® tools aren’t sometimes present in massive field stores, although some of their tools might be bought in unbiased garden facilities. Usually, your only option is to purchase them online.

The Interlocken system is bought as either a set or as separate elements so you should purchase only the instruments you need. Search for sets on www.wolfgarten.us. Should you’d slightly purchase the elements individually, yow will discover them on Amazon.

Begin with the 3943704/smv4 96-1/2-inch by 157-inch Vario Deal with and add on whichever elements you need. The pruning saw and lopper I reviewed are proven separately under.

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