With Fear The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson Return

Zombies have now invaded our screens and AMC offers a new dose of ghouls to fans of the genre. With Fear The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson return to the origins of the epidemic recounted in the mother series. The phenomenon show is back for a fifth season, and aims to create a link in the universe, which will soon be exported to the big screen On the occasion of the release of the fifth season in Blu-ray™, DVD and box sets, on December 4, return to the saga Fear The Walking Dead

This is undoubtedly the saga that marked his generation. In 2010, viewers discovered The Walking Dead a series adapted from the eponymous comic book and followed Rick Grimes’ adventures in a post-apocalyptic world. Faced with the success of the series, which had no less than 6.9 million viewers when it launched in the United States AMC decided to expand the universe with Fear The Walking Dead In 2015, we leave Atlantas for post-epidemic Los Angeles The first episode was a huge success, attracting no less than 7.6 million fans. During 5 seasons, the series is a reference and will not stop there. A look back at the highlights of Fear the Walking Dead.

Madison and her cute little family have happy days in LOS ANGELES when strange things happen to trouble their not-so-peaceful lives. A flu epidemic is affecting several states in the country, and Madison’s son Nick is going to be the first to witness it. From now on, we’re going to have to survive…

** Beware spoilers **

In Fear The Walking Dead, you have to kill before you are killed and the characters have understood this. No one is immortal, much to the chagrin of the fans. The series has, on several occasions, surprised viewers and does not hesitate to sacrifice the main protagonists for the sake of the plot. One of the most shocking deaths will undoubtedly be Madison’s, in season four. The heroine sacrifices herself to save the other survivors in the baseball stadium. A gesture that will leave the fans bruised. “I was afraid to lose this place, because I thought you needed, to stay who you are. But as you know, no one is really dead until they die…” Once again, Fear The Walking Dead brilliantly shows us that no one is safe.

Madison isn’t the only one to come to a tragic end, since a few episodes earlier it was her son Nick who was to bear the brunt of her actor’s desire to explore new horizons. From the beginning of season 4, the character played by Franck Dillane will be killed by Charlie, who was in fact a spy. The iconic character of the series will still make several appearances in flashbacks.

The series is also sometimes imbued with poetry, as with the sublime death of Russell and Martha Brown. The couple, who have been in the background of the series several times, will come to a tragic end. In one last dance, with his wife turned zombie, Russell Brown shoots himself in the head and ends their lives. An unforgettable scene for the fans, who salute Daniel Stamm’s magnificent direction and Worth Howe’s acting performance.

An interconnected universe

Fear The Walking Dead makes no secret of it, the series is directly linked to The Walking Dead. On several occasions, Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson have called upon iconic characters from the saga to lend a helping hand to our heroes. In fact, Morgan Jones will be the first to join Madison, Alicia and the others. Played by Lennie James, he was also the first character to cross Rick Grimes’ path in TWD. He will be making a big comeback in Fear The Walking Dead in season 4. He won’t be the only one to visit the series, as Austin Amelio (Dwight) is announced to the cast for season 5. The man who was discovered by the audience alongside Negan, is an important member of the Saviour community. To discover a little more about the character, Fear The Walking Dead decides to bring him back in the fifth season.

The Walking Dead soon on big screen

To expand the universe, the creators do not intend to stop there. The saga is exported on a large screen, with a trilogy centered around the character of Rick. While these films will be thought of as independent feature films, they will allow inveterate fans to get answers to some of their questions. In The Walking Dead, Rick flew in a helicopter to a previously unknown destination. The films should tell us more about what awaits the iconic character. Rick’s destiny would probably not be the only one to be explored by Greg Nicotero’s film, fans should also get vital information about the three-ring band. The fifth season of Fear The Walking Dead will also shed light on the mysterious organization. Several clues are hidden in this new chapter for Fear The Walking Dead. We will have to be attentive to better understand the importance of organization in the universe. Who are they? What is their mission? What happened to Rick?

To discover what awaits our characters in the trilogy centered around Rick, we’ll have to wait a bit since no date has been announced by Universal, which is producing the film in partnership with AMC. In the meantime, you will be able to see or review Fear The walking dead season 5, in Blu-ray™, DVD and box sets on December 4th. The complete season will be sold at the price of 24.99€ for the DVD, 29.99€ for the Blu-ray (Season 5), the complete S01 to S05 DVD box set: 59.99€ TTC and the complete S01 to S05 Blu-ray™ box set: 64.99€ TTC. A great opportunity to spend a Christmas full of zombie adventures. And remember, “we don’t know how it all ends. History may be the only thing left. »





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