Wishlist of Changes and Additions to D2R

Here is a list of changes and additions to D2R. Please check the following:

D2R has been a breath of fresh air in the gaming industry. The platform aims to be an honest and reliable place for gamers where they can find games, enjoy them with friends, and make purchases without any shady intentions or hidden fees. To continue this trend, we need to see some changes that will give D2R more power than it currently possesses. These additions would also help keep players happy and engaged with the site as well.,”Diablo 2: Resurrection of Evil” is a game that was released in 2009. It has been out of date for a while, and Blizzard has made some changes to the game since then. Here are some of the changes and additions that were made. Read more in detail here: diablo 2 resurrected changes .

I’m sorry if this article has been done a thousand times before; I apologize for continuing to beat a dead horse. Following the viewing of CarbotAnimations, FIx8ql HcE - Wishlist of Changes and Additions to D2R

I couldn’t resist the need to add my ideas to the ever-growing list after seeing the current video and one by DBrunski. Some of my views are more divisive than others, but I believe the majority of them are reasonable. I’m excited to hear what folks have to say!

  • Add a Currency storage tab with all of the often hoarded stackable goods like Runes, Gems, Keys, and so on (credit to both and DBrunski)
  • Allow for the purchase of extra stash tabs.
  • Add an Item Compendium to keep track of all the items you’ve discovered throughout the game (credit to )
  • Add a Cube Recipe resource to the game (credit to DBrunski)
  • Filter out the stuff you don’t desire using a Loot Filter (credit to DBrunski)
  • Display the number of sockets on a socketed item’s label.
  • Provide a one-time MF increase for finishing all quests in a single Act (credit to )
  • Cain should give players Shards of Identify and a Town Portal whenever they’ve accomplished all of the quests in each difficulty level (credit to )
  • Scrolls of Recharge should be included for recharging equipment with skill charges (credit to )
  • Allow numerous Personalized goods to be donned at the same time to offer set-like benefits. (with thanks to)
  • Allow the Druid to send out all of their summons at the same time.
  • Add Rare / Unique Quivers that can roll with the Replenish Quantity affix or remove Arrows / Bolts.
  • Rework underutilized Mercenaries and propose introducing three more Mercenary ‘Slots’ in total. The second spot may be obtained by fighting Blood Raven in Nightmare, while the third slot can be obtained by defeating her in Hell. (with thanks to)
    • Allow Blessed Aim, Defiance, or Vigor to be equipped on Act I Mercs. They’d be unable to use Elemental Arrows or target Sparkle targets.
    • Act II Mercs still have Might and Thorns, but they may now bring Holy Fire.
    • Allow Act III Mercs to have Meditation, Cleansing, or Holy Freeze as a special ability. They wouldn’t be able to cast Fireball or Glacial Spike anymore.
    • Add Act IV Angel Mercs to the mix. Give them Sanctuary, Redemption, or Prayer.
    • Allow Shout, Howl, or Battle Cry to be used by Act V Mercs. They wouldn’t be able to utilize Bash or Stun anymore.
  • Allow the Poison Length Reduced affix to stack to 100 percent or add a Cannot be Poisoned Affix. Perhaps CBP only rolls on uniques with a poison theme, like as Venomward or Jade Tan Do.
  • Allow the minimap view to be affected by the enhanced Light Radius affix. (with thanks to)
  • Allow for the usage of pre-placed corpses for Necro Summoning or Corpse Explosion.
  • Allow for automatic zooming in during NPC interactions and when entering buildings on external maps as a Gameplay option.
  • Fill in the blanks in Act IV’s second half. Implement the mission ‘Destroy Diablo’s Soulstone,’ which has been missing for a long time
  • Add an end-game system based on the Tristram Cathedral’s Bottomless Dungeon, which grows in challenge and reward with each level down. Returning to town after opening a Town Portal locks you out and stops you from returning. (with thanks to)

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Post your “Wishlist of D2R Changes and Additions” for Diablo 3.

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