Wireless Home Cinema

Wireless home cinema will never give a good result because the assets on drums are limited by the power of the integrated amplifier which if it were put on a 220v amp, it would drain in a few minutes and therefore in terms of sound quality it is not at all comparable.


If you want to simplify the wiring, you already know how many speakers you want?


You can camouflage the cables very well with a plastic complaint, or make a trench above your wooden complaints if your walls are made of plasterboard, or have the cables sheathed in white to camouflage them as much as possible.


No need to recharge the speakers, and sound rendering widely different, otherwise you have to assume the poor


There are cheap 2.1 or 5.1 kits available if you really want to invest and see the opportunity to save money by getting the right amp you won’t be disappointed.

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