Windows 10: Solitaire Pays Off Too!

Maj. April 5, 2018 at 7:29 pm

Decidedly with Windows 10 Microsoft has reserved us a lot of small surprises. And not just the good ones. So after having learned that the DVD player was paying we now discover that to be able to play the mythical game of Solitaire, you will also have to get your hands on thewallet. It’s getting a little much now, isn’t it?

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It seems that Windows 10 is not so free after all. While the system has now been deployed for several days, discoveries about its functionalities are multiplying.

A few days ago we discovered that in order to use the Microsoft DVD player on a Windows 10 PC, we had to pay for a dedicated application for about 15 euros for some users. Luckily, VLC is here.

Today, we learn that other features are paying off, including the famous Solitaire game that rocked our long working hours when we were young. A huge disappointment for those who were thrilled to see this mythical game back on Windows 10.

Thus, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Solitaire, Microsoft has found nothing better to do than to make it pay. That is, if you want to play the Solitaire you once knew.

windows 10 solitaire paid

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Because Microsoft still offers a free version of its famouscard game, but from now on it will be invaded by intrusive advertisements during your games and you won’t have access to all the features.

To be able to update to a full version of the Solitaire, you’ll actually have to get your hands on the wallet and will cost 1.49 euros… per month! Alternatively, you can also subscribe to the annual subscription for the modest sum of 9.89 euros per year. So, what do you think of this choice of Microsoft?






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