Windows 10: Microsoft Will Remove the Control Panel

Maj. April 5, 2018 at 7:28 p.m.

If the Windows 10 update succeeded in satisfying the disappointments of Windows 8 by rehabilitating the start menu, it should soon sign the end of the famous control panel. As Brandon LeBlanc, head of OS development, and Gabriel Aul, one of Microsoft’s vice presidents, recently confirmed the Control Panel is now redundant with the new settings menu and should soon be gone.

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The settings menu in Windows 10.

When Windows 10 arrived at the end of July, the common presence of the new Settings menu and the Control Panel was something strange. Some items such as Windows Update had migrated to the new menu making the Control Panel almost obsolete, even though it is still accessible via the Start menu.

As Gabriel Aul said, keeping both makes the code more complex and especially requires moreRAM, which is why the older of the two should soon disappear. A deletion that will be a bad for a good since it should make the OS more fluid.

Appeared in 1987, the control panel regroups all the options for setting up and customizing the OS. A sort of benchmark for the user who has a certain amount of sympathy for it, and it would not be surprising if the Microsoft decision made more than one nostalgic disappointed among the nostalgic.

The current control panel

The current control panel

The settings menu, on the other hand, groups numerous options in a rather user-friendly interface initially designed for touch screens but which also offers quite good ergonomics for PCs with a mouse. We imagine that all the options that are currently in the Control Panel will be switched back to it after it disappears.






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