Windows 10: How to Recover the Appearance of Windows 7?

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Windows 7

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For many Windows users, the best version of the operating system was Windows 7. If you are one of those who think that Windows was better before, here is a short guide to help you get back to looking like 7 on Windows 10.

From the start menu to the Windows Explorer, many little tips and tricks and some software will allow you to transform Windows 10… into Windows 7!

The start menu

To retrieve the Windows 7start menu, you must first download and install the Classic Shellsoftware.

Once installed, the software should open automatically.

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In ” Select the style for the start menu “, choose the option ” Windows 7 style “. Then check the option ” Replace Start button “.

Then download the image pack by clicking here, unzip the file on your desktop. Return to the Classic Shell window and click on ” Pick image…”. ” and select the image of the pack adapted to the size of your taskbar that you have unzipped on your desktop.

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Now click on the ” Skin ” tab in Classic Shell and in the ” Skin ” option, select ” Windows Aero “. Click on the ” Ok ” button at the bottom right: you now have the Windows 7 start menu on your computer.

Windows 7 wallpaper

Download the Windows 7 wallpaper by clicking here.

Windows 10 to 7 p3

Now right-click on your desktop and click ” Customize ” to open the Windows Customization window.

Click on ” Background ” on the left side panel and then click on the ” Browse ” button. Select the Windows 7 wallpaper you previously downloaded. Don’t close the Windows customization window, we’re going to need it again.

Change the colour of the task bar

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Now click on ” Colors ” in the left side panel and select the color ” Navy Blue “, the second color on the third line.

Scroll until you see ” Other options ” and select the option ” Title bars “. You can now close the settings window.

Hide Cortana (which did not exist!)

Windows 10 to 7 p8

Cortana does not exist under Windows 7, you will have to hide its icon in the taskbar to get an interface as close as possible to Seven. To do this, right-click on your taskbar, hover over ” Cortana ” with your mouse and click on ” Hidden ” to hide its logo.

Change the appearance of Windows Explorer

To be able to partially recover the appearance of the old windows of Windows 7 with its big next and previous buttons, you will need to install the OldNewExplorersoftware.

Once downloaded, launch the software by clicking on OldNewExplorerCfg.exe.

On the window that just opened, check them select the options as on the image above and click on the button ” Install ” on the top right and close the window.

Windows 10 to 7 p5

Now open the start menu, click on ” Control Panel ” and then click on ” File Explorer Options “.

Windows 10 to 7 p7

The file explorer options window should then open. In the option ” Open File Explorer in ” select ” This PC ” and finally uncheck both options in ” Privacy Statement “.

Click OK to close the window.

You now have an interface that comes as close as possible to Windows 7 on Windows 10.




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