In Windows 10, Bluetooth connection is theoretically enabled by default. But it may be useful to turn it off from time to time, for example to extend the battery when you are on the move. If you wish to deactivate, reactivate or even add a new device, here’s how to do it.

Windows 10 Bluetooth

Windows 10 natively supports Bluetooth, without you having to install anything. But in some cases, the system can take nasty tricks and disable Bluetooth or cause a device to crash, especially after an update. Disabling Bluetooth to turn it back on can be a life-saving operation. In other cases, it may be interesting to deactivate Bluetooth, in order to prolong the last percentages of the battery when you are on the move. Finally, if you are new to Windows 10, you may have already encountered the problem: but where is the Bluetooth manager in Microsoft’s operating system? And how do you add a new device? To answer all these questions, follow the guide.

Activate Bluetooth

Have you just installed a new Bluetooth card in your computer? Or was the connection disabled at the time of purchase? Bluetooth is therefore not enabled by default on your PC running Windows 10. To turn it on, proceed as follows. Go to the right-hand side of the taskbar, right next to the time. You should see the Bluetoothicon. If this is not the case, click on the small arrow to make it appear. Double-click it to display the Bluetooth Device Manager. Note that it is also accessible from the Start menu and the functions Parameters > Devices. In the window that appears, simply drag the Bluetooth button to On. It couldn’t be simpler. Windows 10 Bluetooth

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Configuring a new device

To add a new device, stay in the same interface, always accessible from options Parameters > Devices. A list of all nearby Bluetooth devices is displayed. Click on the one you want to connect to your machine. You will probably need to “open” the connection on the device you wish to pair to your PC. This is usually done by pressing the power button for about 10 seconds. You should then be able to add the device to your PC.

Disable Bluetooth

You will have understood it, to disconnect Bluetooth on your machine, just go to the same module (Settings > Devices, or Bluetooth icon on the taskbar) and set the button to Disable. All peripherals will then be disconnected from your PC.

Using the Control Panel

Even if it tends to slip away with each new version of Windows 10 in favour of the Settings module, the Control Panel is still present. To access it, simply enter Control Panel in the search field on the Taskbar. The Bluetooth device manager can be found in the Hardware and Audio section. Here you can add, remove and even adjust any Bluetooth device, whether it’s a headset, mouse, etc.

Windows 10 Bluetooth





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