WiFi Hotspot Problem Solution in Redmi Mobiles – MIUI 12

MIU, I hope you are well. Today, we will talk about the WiFi access point issues you experience on Xiaomi Redmi mobile phones and discuss a working solution with a step-by-step guide. Here we will discuss the problem of connecting to a hotspot with laptops, multiple disconnections, automatic disconnection when using internet on laptops, etc.

As we all know, the Xiaomi MIUI 12 offers many features related to WiFi hotspots. Any Xiaomi Redmi phone with the latest version of MIUI 12 or earlier offers the following features.

  • Create a WiFi hotspot and access mobile Internet with other devices such as other smartphones, laptops, smart TVs etc.
  • You can set a password to access the WiFi hotspot.
  • Easily block any WiFi client.
  • Set a custom data limit for each connected device.
  • Easy access to data from all connected devices.

As we all know, we love MIUI because it offers many more features than standard Android. Here you can use the advanced features of the MIUI 12 Wi-Fi access points.

WiFi Hotspot Problem and Solution – Xiaomi Redmi mobile phones

Creating a WiFi hotspot is too easy on Redmi mobile phones You can easily install a functional WiFi access point on your Redmi mobile phone

Steps to start a hotspot in Redmi phones

Follow the steps below to create a WiFi hotspot on your Redmi mobile phone

  1. Go to parameters
  2. Open a portable access point under WLAN settings and networks
  3. Activate the portable access point function.
  4. Your access point is now ready.
  5. To search for WiFi connections on another device and connect to that access point.

WiFi access point issues in Xiaomi Redmi phones :

  • You cannot log in to the access point, even with the correct password.
  • Your Redmi Mobile hotspot does not appear on other devices.
  • Under Notifications, you will receive data that exceeds the allowed error limit.
  • The access point only works for a few minutes, after which it is automatically deactivated.
  • Connected, but cannot use mobile internet.

These are WiFi access point issues with Redmi Mobile.  These solutions work on any Redmi mobile device, be it a Redmi 6, Redmi 7, Redmi 8, Redmi 9, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 10, Mi 10i, Mi Max, etc.
If you can’t connect to your Redmi hotspot even with the correct password, you should first check your WiFi blockage. Check your blacklist of hotspots. Your WiFi client may be blacklisted from the access point. The second reason why the connection fails, even after entering the correct password, is that the connection is restricted. Your access point may have exceeded the maximum connection limit. Go to Settings -> AP Laptop -> Connected Devices. You now set the limit for the connected devices.
If the name of your access point is not displayed on other devices, your SSID may be hidden. You must enable SSID visibility. You can then easily see the name of your AP on the other device.
If a message appears on your mobile phone that there is too much data on the connected devices, it means that the connected WiFi devices are consuming too much data. Your Redmi mobile phone will therefore stop its data service. You can manage the data limits for the connected WiFi through the mobile access point settings.

The access point only works for a few minutes, after which it is automatically deactivated. Do you need a solution?
This problem occurred mostly with laptops. Basically, if you create an access point in your Redmi mobile and connect it to your laptop. The laptop can be from Lenovo, HP, Dell, etc. These laptops have successfully connected to your access point. But after a few minutes the connection is automatically disconnected. and you have to log in again, but surprisingly the connection disconnects again after a few minutes. So you need a solution that works perfectly.
This error occurred for several reasons, including. B. Antivirus in the Windows 10 system and other incorrect settings in the portable hotspot. To solve this problem, simply re-create the access point with a different name and password. You can now see that your AP is working properly on your laptop/computer.

We can say here that a portable hotspot is the best way to connect your laptop to the mobile internet. That said, if you want to access Redmi Mobile Internet on your Windows 10 laptop, a portable hotspot is the best solution. Create an access point in a few steps and enjoy mobile internet on your laptop.

frequently asked questions

Why isn’t the Redmi hotspot working?

A third simple and convenient method that can help to fix the Redmi Note hotspot error is to turn off and on the Wi-Fi and hotspot settings on your phone. Tap the Wi-Fi and Portable AP on/off options. … Now try to connect to the access point. Ideally, this should correct the access point error code

Why can’t my Xiaomi connect to WIFI?

There are several reasons why the Xiaomi Mi 6 Wi-Fi does not work as expected. Account issues, network failures, wrong settings, wrong updates, software bugs and, worst of all, hardware issues that affect your phone’s network functions.

How do I fix the area in Miwi?

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