WIDILO offers discounts at no less than 1500 partners among your favorite brands

Are you looking for bargains online and hate paying full price? Cashback is for you! One of the most prominent sites WIDILO offers discounts at no less than 1500 partners among your favorite brands. In addition, you accumulate points which are transformed into money, for purchases that are 100% clever.

Have you heard of cashback? This is the principle of online discounts. A portion of purchases made on the Internet is refunded. All you have to do is register on one or more of these sites that have flourished in France in recent years to be able to take advantage of online discounts in your favourite stores. It’s hard after that to buy at a high price. Most sites offer around 4% discount. Not bad! But can do better! With Widilo the discounts are so attractive that you can save up to 40% on your online purchases. The site also features Promo Codes and great offers.


Cashback for his make-up and high-tech with Widilo

Cashback is not yet hyper known in France. But online merchants have everything to gain from it: you want to buy, and in the long term, it builds loyalty. That’s why it’s growing fast now. Widilo offers Internet users promotional offers on their favourite brands in 1500 different stores. There is something for everyone, for all tastes, and for every moment of life, in terms of beauty, high-tech, fashion, DIY, travel, decoration, household appliances…Even energy suppliers are present.

Just scroll through the sections to realize the vastness of the offer. No wonder the site has 500,000 members! Are you addicted to make-up, perfumes and beauty treatments for body or hair? Enjoy the Sephora Cashback, and stop depriving yourself. You’re into high-tech? Take a look at Bose, Fnac, or any other sign to find the smartphone of your dreams, or the perfect sounding speakers or headphones. Save money on the latest household appliances, for example, with a Cdiscount Cashback. All known merchants such as Etam, Net à porter, SFR, Darty, Asos, Groupon, Booking, Lastminute.com, Avis, are there to increase the purchasing power of online buyers.

How does the Cashback Widilo website work?

To take advantage of the benefits offered by the Widilo site, you must first register for free. Then just look for what you need. When you have found your happiness and pay online, a cookie is placed on your computer. It validates the cashback when the transaction is completed. When all the purchases are finished, you receive a part of the bill paid on your Widilo wallet. With the Widilo Extension, you really save time by activating your cashback directly from the shop. Namely: the percentage of cashback is not the same according to the merchants, and changes according to the periods of the year. That’s why you should not hesitate to go there often, to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Cashback on Internet users’ toolbars

Cashback is available directly on the Internet users’ toolbars. Thanks to search browser extensions, the buyer is informed in real time that Cashback and promo codes are available on the site he is looking at. Searching for bargains and browsing are really easy once you have installed the extension on your computer.

A cashback plus points with every purchase

With Widilo, we get back 100% of his cashback. This is the highest payout rate practiced on such a site. There are also many bonuses.

Of course, he has his sponsorship system. For each sponsored person who makes a validated cashback, a bonus in euros is credited to your account (from 3 euros to 6 euros depending on their status).

The loyalty program is composed of four statuses, and allows the user to earn points for each cashback made. They can be turned into gifts (t-shirt, Amazon gift card, Airpods 2, etc.) in the WIP shop. Depending on its status, notices filed and sponsorships are more or less advantageous.

Widilo is also points. Each validated cashback earns the user points. The bigger it is, the more points earned. New registrants receive 50 points, which they can exchange in the WIP shop for a welcome bonus of 5 euros.

Widilo also encourages its members to leave their opinion on the shop (0.10 euro to 0.25 euro depending on its status). After a validated cashback you can win an additional bonus.

Clever tip: subscribe to the free Widilo newsletter so you don’t miss out on any bargains, and receive a weekly preview of the best valid promo codes and cashback of the moment.





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