Why You Should Back: Zombie Puppies

Backing a Kickstarter campaign is the best way to support independent, creative projects and get the most for your money. When it comes to entertainment-based projects like video games you can potentially turn into an investor with minimal risk by getting in on early bird deals before they’re even released.

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Why You Should Back: On Kickstarter, there’s a project called Zombie Puppies. is the next installment in our interview series. We chatted with the developers and learned about their upcoming launch. In both the theme and gameplay aspects, this strategic combat card game that fulfills your passion for puppies and zombies with a dash of the 1980s offers plenty of excitement. The Kickstarter campaign will begin on February 24, 2022. Continue reading to read the interview with the creators or click the link below to go straight to The Zombie Puppies Kickstarter page.

On Kickstarter, there’s a project called Zombie Puppies.

1. In a few lines, how would you define your product?

In the 1980s, there was an ebola research facility in Luanda, Angola. A dangerous virus bursts out due to unlucky linked circumstances (a professor, a snail, and a cat are claimed to have been involved), infecting only beautiful puppy canines and turning them into zombies! Infection cards, healing cards, and action cards make up Zombie Puppies, a fast and simple to play strategic warfare card game. And the antidote’s holy grail! It was intended to bring individuals together to have fun at a same table, regardless of their language. Choose the best method to rescue your sick dog from the zombie virus: attack or study.


2. Who is the team that is bringing this to market? What is your history, and how did you come to start this?

Lana Lutz (33) and Nikolas Reichardt (30) are the two Zombie Puppies founders. We’ve been working as freelancers in creative and analytical roles for years and wanted to build something that would benefit a community rather than a consumer. 

Lana is a product designer, and Nikolas works as an internet marketer. Lana had the notion to build a game on her own before Corona began since, as a product designer, she had always wanted to design something fully from scratch and bring it to market. She felt it would be a fantastic idea to start a project with her friends and build something that would provide pleasure to a large number of people while also having fun while doing it.

Nikolas grew up in a home where, in addition to eating dinner together, board and card games played a vital part in keeping the family together. That’s why we wanted to keep text limits to a minimum so that this game may be played by people from all over the globe at the same table. The desire to explore an infinite universe was the driving force behind our decision to build and self-publish this card game. We’ve been developing this game for 12 years, and we’ve now reached a stage where we can’t hear any negative input from gamers. Despite being a fighting card game, it is ultimately liked and uniting people.


3. How would you compare your game to other games?

We both like a good strategy game like Catan or Risk since they reawaken the fighting spirit and allow you to have a lot of control over the game. Finally, you’d want to play for vengeance. We attempted to integrate this in Zombie Puppies, but in a very simplistic way so you don’t have to read countless rulebooks.

This is why, while playing with folks who aren’t frequent gamers, we occasionally choose a simple and fast-paced game like Uno or Halli Galli. These activities tend to rapidly heat up the mood and are ideal for all ages. To win them, you’ll need a healthy dose of luck, which we included to balance out the strategic elements. 

4. What distinguishes your game from others?

The goal was to create a card game that did the following:

  1. is simple to learn and fun for the whole family
  2. It’s possible to play it in any language.
  3. strategic thinking is required

By mixing these elements, you can play it with a wide range of individuals while still having a great time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, if you’ve played before or not, or if you like or dislike puppies. 

Furthermore, as far as we know, this is one of the few War games that is both simple to understand and play. We just wanted to enjoy ourselves without having to go through a lengthy learning and preparation process. Finally, we opted on an 80s theme and colors since there were so many fantastic games and music back then. 

5. How can everyone be certain that they will get high-quality components and that you will keep all of your promises?

Although this is our first card game, Lana is a designer with previous experience producing and printing a variety of items. Nikolas also evaluated hundreds of items for his clients in order to come up with a technique to describe the product’s experiences. We chose to partner with a German company since we are both quality-conscious. So you can be certain that you’ll be getting a high-quality “Made in Germany” game! 

To be honest, we took the task of creating a well-balanced and enjoyable game quite seriously. To have all of our hard work undone by low-budget components or poor gameplay would not justify the 12 years of effort we have put into this game, nor would it excuse our standing for it with our names on it.

6. Why should someone support your initiative?

Because if we raise $1 million, we’ll hire a dodgy research facility to develop a zombie dog and turn it become an Instagram sensation.

Following that, we’ll return to our gamedev caverns and start working on the next big item to meet your gaming demands.

If you appreciate the concept, you should support it. You will get a fantastic game that you, your family, and friends will want to play again and over again.

We’re happy with it!

A dedicated design team provided excellent insight and excitement. This game seems to be entertaining, silly, and unlike anything else that has gone before it. It has definitely been directed by enthusiastic hands and seems to be a high-quality product. For additional information, see their Kickstarter page or website.

On Kickstarter, there’s a project called Zombie Puppies. Zombie Puppies on Webpage Zombie Puppies on Instagram Zombie Puppies on Facebook Zombie Puppies on Tik Tok Zombie Puppies on Twitter

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