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Rimworld is a sci-fi sandbox survival game where players explore the aftermath of an apocalyptic event that has wiped out most life on Earth. The protagonist (known as “You”) wakes up from their cryogenic sleep to find a world full of mutated, killer animals and no hope for survival. To make matters worse, You will have to build shelter and resources in order to survive. Kibble is one type of food in Rimworld which can be created through cooking raw meat into jerky or dried beef strips with salt, pepper, spices and other ingredients like liver powder or fish oil.

In Rimworld, there is a problem that occurs when animals won’t eat kibble. The “rimworld kibble” is an issue that has been present for a while. This article will explain how to fix it.

Rimworld is a survival game in which your primary goal is to assist a colony flourish and survive the horrors that may befall them. It’s a science fiction colony simulator that’s guided by a narrator. 

There are several options in the game to handle the colonists’ demands, illnesses, emotions, and wounds. You may even participate in tactical gunplay by forming small groups and fighting foes such as hostile tribes, pirates, and even animals.

Different species of animals may be found in the game, ranging from cattle to beats, pets, and even creatures that protect you and your colony. The animals in your colony, as well as their health, are very important in the game, as is feeding them.

This insures not only their own but also the colony’s existence. Animals are an important food source, particularly when you need meat for your carnivorous animals or want to make a big batch of Kibble to preserve for when the weather is too cold for your herbivorous animals to graze outdoors.

In the game, each animal is unique and has its own hunger meter and statistics. As a result, certain animals may become more hungry than others. Some people, for example, may need more food than others. So you need to know what kind of animal you’re attempting to feed, since their diet might affect how they react to the food you’ve prepared.

What Exactly Is Kibble?

In Rimworld, kibble is a form of animal feed. At a butcher’s table, a chef can only make Kibble. Kibble has the advantage of not requiring any culinary abilities to make. Kibble is prepared to purchase 1 unit of vegetarian foods and 1 unit of meat or animal product nutrition.

Aside from that, without wasting any corpse flesh, you may add human and bug meat to kibble. Another advantage of Kibble is that it never spoils, however it will deteriorate if left outside. Kibble is a long-term feeding solution that may feed a variety of animals.

Kibble, prepared meals, and pemmican may all be substituted with two other varieties. Kibble is a universal food for animals in the game. Kibble is eaten by all animals, including Dendrovorous animals that eat trees and plant-based foods.

Kibble does not deteriorate and can be prepared and stored over time, so you can prepare big quantities when you have adequate resources. 

Preparing Kibble for carnivores is advantageous since it allows you to include both vegetables and meat in their diet, but herbivorous animals would normally refuse to eat meat in any form. Kibble is also utilized in the game to tame and train animals.

Kibble is often created to feed game animals and is a good way to prepare for future food shortages. In ancient times, if there were few other options, even people may utilize the Kibble to feed themselves.

Why are the animals refusing to eat the kibble?

It’s possible that the animals may refuse to eat the Kibble you’ve prepared for them at times. It is dependent on the sort of animals and the number of them. The zoning tool is the most effective way to control animals in the game. It has the potential to benefit both animals and people.

In the zone tab, you may establish a zone to let or limit your animals to that particular zone in the animal’s custody. For your animals, construct a barn. It might include animal bedding as well as temperature control.

In these regions, you may lay out stockpiles and allocate Kibble to them. You may also use the fridge mod to install a single, double, or even quad cell fridge to swiftly store your food. The food will be consumed by the animals within.

Kibble is an excellent sort of food to offer your pets. It’s a universal meal that all creatures in the game can consume. You may give your herbivorous animals meat if cooked into the Kibble, which is a very useful aspect of the Kibble. Despite the fact that there is only one animal, Wargs will not eat Kibble or Pemmican, preferring instead to devour raw flesh or carcasses.

There are many typical reasons why your animals will not eat the Kibble you have made for them.

Animal Species


When it comes to feeding the animals in the game, the kind of food is crucial. Herbivorous, Carnivorous, Omnivorous, and Dendrovorous are the four types of creatures in the game.

Herbivorous Animals: They can normally be left outdoors to graze on grass, and this is the most convenient method to feed them. The weather might sometimes become a nuisance, preventing you from letting your animals out in the cold.

Here’s when the Kibble comes in handy. Herbivorous animals can consume cooked meat in Kibble, thus they’ll be able to eat it if you prepare it and store it for them.

Carnivorous Animals: Carnivorous animals are used to consuming raw or cooked flesh, including the remains of other animals. Most domestic carnivores can consume Kibble, however some of them may refuse to do so. 

It is essential to know the Animal Species before preparing a meal for it. The vast majority of people make Kibble using human or insect meat and feed carnivores because they cannot eat Haygrass.

Omnivorous animals can consume all three types of food: meat, veggies, and corpses. As a result, they are free to consume whatever Kibble that has been prepared for them.

Dendrovorous Animals: Dendrovorous creatures, like the rest of the animals in the game, will eat Kibble since it is a universal sort of feed. Dendrovorous animals usually eat only trees or plant-based foods.

The I Is Clicked.

When you click the I button on anything in the game, you’ll get a lot of information about it. It also tells you about the animal’s kind and what it eats. 

Select the white I in the top right of the tab after clicking on the animal. Then it appears, revealing a complete information screen. The animal will consume the Kibble if ‘kibble’ is put on the Diet tab.

Animal’s Permitted Area

The authorized area might possibly be the reason why your animals are refusing to eat the Kibble. You may, for example, have put the Kibble outside the zone where the animals are free to wander. They’re generally straining to get to it at this time, rather than refusing to consume it. 

Before you put down the food for the animals, make sure you’re aware of the area where they’re permitted to be.

Animal Welfare

Your animal’s health might possibly be a factor in why he or she is refusing to eat the Kibble. The animal might be injured, ill, or unable to move. Any of the causes might cause a difficulty for the animal, preventing it from walking over to where the Kibble is put. 

The Kibble might be positioned closer to such animals to make it easier for them to get to it.


Why aren’t the animals eating their kibble? This isn’t always a cause for concern. Your animals, for example, might devour other items in their environment. Your herbivorous animals, for example, may be surreptitiously munching on the grass outdoors. Your omnivorous animals may also be creeping into the human food you’ve cooked.

In other words, they’re not eating Kibble and are instead eating everything else. As a result, set apart a zone for the animals to keep them inside and away from anything you don’t want them to destroy.


Mods are an additional game feature that you may download and utilize. However, you must exercise caution while utilizing modifications, since they have the potential to override the game’s original functionality.

Whether you put a kibble in an animal’s zone and it refuses to eat it, preferring to die of starvation, you should verify if the mod overrode the animal’s diet. 

It’s a very frequent problem, so double-check everything to make sure it’s in working order before feeding the animals.


Kibble is a universal diet for animals in the game, so you’re only likely to make a few small mistakes while feeding them, and perhaps this guide will help you avoid them.

The “rimworld starving won t eat ” is a problem that can occur in RimWorld. This article will provide solutions for the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make sure animals eat kibble RimWorld?

A: You need to make sure they have fresh water and some kind of plant food. You can also fill up their nests with kibble so that it would be a lot easier for them, but youll still want to mix in some other type of food too.

Why are my animals not eating?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to make animals eat in Minecraft.

Can all animals eat kibble RimWorld?

A: Sadly, no. Almost all animals are vegetarian or vegan and can not eat kibble as it contains animal byproducts.

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