Why the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is Important

The CPI or the Consumer Price Index is an essential method to accurately measure the prices of the U.S household goods. Moreover, it estimates any variation there has been: inflation and deflation. Though, this method’s applicability is not just limited to the United States of America. It is a principle of economics and is not bound by territory. It is on the use, many countries use this method while many exclude this. Various benefits would be explored as we proceed with the article but first, it is crucial to understand the topic. On the onset, the fundamentals of this topic may sound tough but a simple explanation can make it very easy to understand.

Understanding the concept

In order to know why CPI is so crucial, one must understand what is its utility and the basic concept behind it. First, it measures the price of goods and services over a period of time and the amount that the buyer pays for it. This quantifies the data and later through this, inflation or deflation can be easily calculated. Moreover, this denotes the purchasing power of a buyer in a country in reference to the goods and services available at a point of time or through certain intervals.

Though, one thing has to be given utmost importance here. It does take into account the goods and services but it fails to accommodate factors like saving and investments. This exclusion can prove fatal while calculations though the limited approach still yields high utility.

What is the use of the Consumer Price Index

CPI has various uses but one of its most prominent use is as an indicator of the economic factor. Through its active utilization, many governmental policies are framed that affect the public at large. The CPI is one tool that gives an idea to everyone about the current economic state and the price of goods and services in it.

Moreover, it can also be used to calculate the viability of granting someone a social beneficiary program. Certain elements like the cost of living have to be calculated in order to provide people these benefits. This is where CPI comes in, CPI as a crucial factor helps in calculating the concrete line on which basis people are to be given such benefits. Such a factor provides high utility to a government, many governments across the world use this method to establish economic monetary criteria. CPI is not limited to social benefits, it may extend to economic benefits to the weaker sections of the society.

Who and what all are covered in the CPI?

All the residents of the country whether earning or not are covered under the CPI. Though, foreign citizens spending time in India are excluded from the calculations. Coming on to the category of the goods, there are eight major bifurcations: Housing, apparel, transportation, education, and communications, recreation, medical care, food beverages, and other goods and services. These categories of goods cover the entire economy classifications and any left bifurcation is included under other goods and services.

A Guard against inflation

Inflation in prices has always been an investment risk over time. With the advent of mutual funds and other bank services, many people fear to invest in these domains. This is where financial institutions come in. They assess the market and by using CPI and a combination of other techniques they calculate useful insights for the customers. However, no one can perfectly predict the price of goods and services. Though to an extent, CPI does act as a guard against inflation and that is why it is so important to calculate price index.


The CPI is presumably the most significant and generally viewed financial pointer, and it’s the most popular measure for deciding the typical cost for basic items. Moreover, CPI is utilized to alter compensation of workers, retirement benefits relating to the public and non-public industries and other significant financial markers. It can educate spectators regarding future events in money related markets. By knowing the condition of buyer costs, financial specialists can settle on proper speculation choices. Moreover, it is an effective tool for the construction of public policy that is used by many countries across the globe.

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