Why I sold my PS5 to get an Xbox Series X – Reader’s Feature

The PlayStation 5 is an expensive treat (Photo: Sony)

One reader explains how he got a PS5 at launch, but then decided to sell it to buy an Xbox Series X and Game Pass

I hesitated to write this reader’s letter because I didn’t want the fact that I managed to get both consoles to be construed as a ruse, nor did I want people to feel like I was starting a console war, because even if it’s a matter of preferring one format over the other, it was a difficult decision precisely because both systems are very tempting.

It all started when I pre-ordered the PlayStation 5 last year and to my surprise, I got it on day one. I know it wasn’t that easy for many people, but it’s just the luck of the draw, and even now I feel like I should have been a little more grateful for that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great console. I love all the new features, like the action cards and DualSense is great. In fact, DualSense is one of the main reasons I wanted to keep the PlayStation 5.

Maybe it was the simplicity of the console that made me hesitate from the start, but once it was installed, I played Astro’s Playroom (which is awesome) and started playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales, I realised that if I wanted demon souls, it would cost an extra £70. I knew that already, of course, but I didn’t expect to have a console right away, so everything was very theoretical until then.

You can probably guess where this is going, but I calculated that a PlayStation 5 as a main console would cost a fortune. Even leaving aside Sony’s £70 exclusivity, everything else has to be paid for separately, and I got very jealous of the Xbox Game Pass

I realized in a strange way that I never really liked the Xbox, or rather, that I never really liked Microsoft’s attitude towards games. They never tried to make the Xbox anything other than a ShooterBox, with a first-person shooter and a marketing approach that only met the needs of an American audience. I’m so shocked they didn’t sell a special edition with an American flag.

Unlike Sony, their opening games eventually got worse instead of better, to the point where they had to buy up half the industry to be competitive (and even then they only bought American companies). They may have come back online earlier, but other than that I don’t feel like they’ve had a good impact on the gaming industry.

At least I thought so until I got my PlayStation 5.

Games Pass is so good because Microsoft is a huge company that can afford to lose fistfuls of money if it’s the only company left. They have already beaten competitors in other industries, and in addition to buying up all the other independent companies, which is clearly their attempt to beat Sony – as well as Amazon and Google and anyone else who seems to pose a threat.

It’s a terrible way to do business, and I hate to promote it, but …. I’m not rich. I’m not rich and I like video games which is an expensive hobby. I probably shouldn’t have bought this PlayStation 5 because of the price, but one day I came to the sad realization that I couldn’t afford to keep buying games for it. So I sold it to a friend and bought an Xbox Series X from another friend (he’s actually a scalper, but he sold it to me for the price).

I’m not happy that I can’t play Demon’s Souls right now, but I am happy that I suddenly have access to hundreds of other games and can afford to have fun while I’m in isolation. I’m not proud of myself, and as silly as it may be, I’m still annoyed at the way Microsoft handles things. But practically speaking, I had no choice if I wanted to be part of the next generation.

According to the Leander reader.

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frequently asked questions

Will the Xbox X series replace the PS5?

A major marketing company predicted that the Xbox’s X series could sell for much more than the PS5. … Microsoft’s console is expected to sell twice as much as Sony’s, meaning it could surpass the PS5 by a 2-to-1 margin in the holiday season.

How many Xbox X series have been sold so far?

The Switch has reportedly sold nearly 2.12 million units in the same period since launch (March 2017), while Xbox X|Series consoles are approaching the 2 million mark with a current estimate of 1.817 million units sold.

Is the Xbox X series selling well?

Looking at global sales, VGChartz found that the Xbox X and S series sold 1,817,303 units in the first four weeks of sales in the United States and Japan (and the first three weeks of sales in Europe), while the SP5 sold nearly twice as many units – 3,368,098 – in the same period.

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