Why Do People Cheat?

Research shows that more than 40% of marriages have had a cheating partner once. Some people feel that their infidelity is justified, but even so, they will still admit that cheating is wrong. In most cases, it is men who usually stray out of marriage, but both men and women have been found to cheat.

Social media and other channels of communication have broadened the chances of spouses to cheat on their partners. You can never predict your partner cheating on you, but at some point, before the infidelity happens, there is some tension or disconnect between you and your partner.

Couples who intend to stay together and work on rebuilding their relationship go to infidelity marriage counseling. It does not matter if you were having serious problems within your marriage before the infidelity, you will be left with a lot of questions. An example of a question that is in most betrayed partners mind is, “why did you have to cheat?”

Before listing some of the common reasons why people cheat, it is essential to understand that it is not your fault. It is prevalent for partners who cheat to blame their spouse for their actions.

  1. Sexual satisfaction

Sex is imperative in a relationship. Both men and women can experience a lack of sexual satisfaction in their relationships. Spouses will cheat to improve their sex lives.

  1. Emotional validation

When spouses feel unappreciated in their primary relationships, they will seek to find it elsewhere. In a relationship, it is common for one spouse to feel emotionally exhausted when their affection is not reciprocated, yet they are trying.

  1. Lack of intimacy

Lack of emotional connection or intimacy is enough reason for a person to cheat. Intimacy can be achieved in a lot of ways, one of them being sex. People cheat because they are looking to be close to someone emotionally.

  1. Revenge sex

As silly as this might sound, it is a real reason why partners cheat. Revenge sex is intentionally having an affair to get back at your partner for cheating on you. This usually ends up causing more damage than good. You cannot heal from infidelity by having an affair.

Before going for infidelity marriage counseling, it is vital that you do some soul searching to see what led to your unfaithfulness. Commitment can be hard for some people. It has been said that once a cheater always a cheater. Partners who have been unfaithful before are likely to be unfaithful in the future. It could be that they fear commitment for reasons such as childhood trauma or abuse or other mental health issues.

When it comes to cheating the motivation to be unfaithful is different for both men and women. Men are often more physical and women emotional. Most men do not have to be in love with someone to have sex with them.

It is possible for spouses to heal their relationship after infidelity. However, before you get there if you feel your relationship is in danger, you can seek professional help or have an honest conversation with your spouse.


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