Why Do Girls Sit On The Dryer?

The History of Girls Sitting on the Dryer

One of the oldest traditions in human history is for girls to sit on the dryer. The origins of this tradition are unknown, but it seems to have started with a practical reason.

Back in the old days, clothes were dried by putting them on a line outside. If there was a girl near the clothes, she would get all wet and cold. So, the tradition evolved into letting girls sit on the dryer to keep themselves warm while their clothes were drying.

The benefits of Sitting on the Dryer

The average person uses around 600 gallons of water in a year. That’s more than enough to fill five dozen bathtubs! And that’s just for the things we do at home – forget about all the water we use when we go out to eat or drink! So why are so many of us wasting all this precious water?

One big reason is that most people take shorter showers than they used to. A study by the National Resources Defense Council found that the average American takes 5.5 minutes to shower, down from 7 minutes in 1975. In fact, some people only take 3 minutes! That means a lot of our water goes to waste because people are taking too short of a shower.

But there are other reasons too. For one thing, most people don’t towel dry after they shower. They just let their wet hair and skin drip onto the floor and onto the towel rack… and then they put their clothes on Wet. Why bother with a towel if you’re just going to put your clothes back on right away?

And speaking of putting clothes on right away, another big problem is laundry detergent commercials. We see them everywhere – women piling up mountains of brightly colored fabric in their washers and dryers – and it seems like it would be such a hassle not to use detergent, doesn’t it? Well, here’s how much trouble you can save by doing your laundry without detergent: 1) You won’t have any smelly clothes; 2) You won’t be spending money on unnecessary fabric softener; 3) Your colors will stay true; 4) You won’t have any damaged garments; 5) Your machine will last longer because you’ll only load it with fabrics that aren’t delicate or expensive.”

After taking a short shower (3 min vs 7min), washing less often with Tide pods/liquid detergent (1-2x weekly vs every day), wearing clothing left unwashed (putting clothes back on right away), AND watching commercials promoting skipping soap altogether (to avoid wasting money/laundry products/smelly clothing), girls end up sitting on top of dryer sheets which traps heat between layers which causes static electricity buildup(same principle as using an AC adapter near metal objects). This accumulation of static charges attracts dust particles making noise & giving off an unpleasant smell .

The science of Sitting on the Dryer

There are many myths about why girls sit on the dryer. Some say that it is a way to keep their hair from being static-prone, while others believe that sitting on the dryer helps make their hair extra soft. However, the real reason behind why girls sit on the dryer has nothing to do with keeping their locks tamed or making them feel good about themselves- it’s all about science!

When you stand up after having your hair wetted and conditioned, you cause your follicles (the small bumps in your hair) to swell. This is especially true if you have curly or frizzy hair, as these types of locks take more time to dry than straight ones. When you sit down again, however, gravity takes over and pushes those follicles back down towards the scalp. In essence, this action causes flat areas in your hair because there are now less bumps surrounding each strand of hair.

Now let’s look at how sitting on the dryer can actually help with this process. When you are standing up, air moves through your locks and pulls moisture out of them. On top of that, when you move around a lot during drying (which most people do), you create friction which also removes moisture from your locks. Sitting still on the dryer allows all of this moisture to be pulled out over an extended period of time- which is what makes our hairs so soft!

The conclusion

of this blog post is that girls sit on the dryer to make their hair look good. Girls often put products in their hair to make it look thicker and shinier, so they will sometimes sit on the dryer to get those results.

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