Just about everyone is raving about CBD oil and celebrities are amongst the most vocal. Many praise beauty products, strains, and creams as a major part of their life. Kim Kardashian even had a CBD-themed baby shower.

With all of the products on the market, many celebs are starting their own line of products. Here are several reasons why these celebs are talking up CBD oil.

Stressful Lives Call for Relief

A celebrity’s life is a hectic one. We may think they have it pretty easy but they work just as hard as anyone else. Constant travel, meetings, auditions, and many other factors contribute to their day to day stress.

If they have families of their own, that creates even more activity to their day. CBD oil that you can find here: https://penguincbd.com/products/cbd-oil works with the body to ease their stress and help them get through the day. It also helps reduce the anxiety that many of them suffer.

Sleep is a Must

With a stressful schedule, family commitments, and 12-14 hour days, you’d think it would come easy. It’s often the exact opposite. Celebrities run so much that they are overstimulated and ramped up by the evening.

The same way we are. CBD oil eases anxiety and works closely with melatonin to help one ease to sleep. If they suffer from chronic nightmares, the CBD will also inhibit that from invading their rest. A good night’s sleep is a top priority so that one can remain healthy, fresh-faced, and energetic to maintain their lives.

Maintain Health

One of the major reasons a celeb is opting for CBD oil is its medical benefits. Celebs are prone to infection, disease, and the fate of their family medical history. To stay free of infection and some diseases, a healthy lifestyle is important. CBD oil used as a supplement for the day can help with workouts, maintaining healthy blood pressure, and keep their skin clear.

Mandy Moore is not only an actress, but she is also a choreographer. She has been public about her use of CBD oil on her feet. She suffers from pain from dancing and wearing high heels on the red carpet. She has found major relief by using CBD oil for muscle tension and muscle spasms.

Anthony and Sergio Pettis are MMA fighters who use CBD for training and recovery. They both find that it helps their bodies produce more stamina during a workout and fight. CBD is a vasorelaxant so blood flows easier and delivers more oxygen to various organs. It also decreases the increase in blood pressure during intense activity.

Managing Illnesses

Many celebs have suffered from cancer, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia. You will see them talking about the importance of CBD and how it has helped them manage their symptoms. CBD use for cancer treatments is one of the most popular trends amongst celebrities and everyone else. It works well to ease inflammation from chemotherapy.

The reduction of inflammation also leads to easing the digestive system to control nausea and vomiting. Inflammation also contributes to pain, for all sorts of major illnesses. Many celebs have been very candid about how well they are able to manage their pain. The CBD works to relax everything and then blocks pain transmission to the spinal cord and the brain.

Muscle spasms are common for those with multiple sclerosis and CBD has proven to relieve muscle spasticity, even amongst patients who are medicine resistant. Patients with fibromyalgia are all too familiar with pain and fogginess. Many suffer from brain fog when ill but fibromyalgia causes a different type of fogginess. Studies suggest that CBD can improve brain function to reduce the effects of brain fog.

Overcoming Addictions

We read about a lot of celebrities and their struggles with addictions. Many are now turning to the use of CBD to manage detoxification and recovery. Everything from smoking cigarettes to opiate addiction, CBD works well.

There is an animal study that shows CBD can reduce drug-seeking behavior and dependency. It really helps with the symptoms of detoxification for some drugs. Fever, excessive sweating, dehydration, vomiting, and hallucinations can all take place and be dangerous to go through. While they may be using a natural product, they are detoxing under medical supervision.

Advocating For Others

Celebs have a platform that gets a lot of attention. There are many celebs who use CBD for illnesses and disorders that they struggle with. They also advocate for others to have access to the CBD and their benefits.

Their activism helps reveal the truth about CBD and all its positives. Michael J. Fox first started advocating for stem cell research for Parkinson’s Disease. He has been dealing with this debilitating disease since 1991.

His foundation is now pushing for the reclassification of THC and CBD to make it an accessible treatment for those living with Parkinson’s. Many other celebs are doing the same for cancers, anxiety, and physical wellness. It all contributes to their “obsession” we see play out in the media.

Celebrities are just like us. They have day to day stress and suffer illnesses as we do. The fact that they are so open about their use is fantastic as we enter a new era. One where CBD is not confused with THC and without stigma.

If you choose to start using CBD for health or treatment, always talk to your doctor. If you are on any medications, they can interact with the CBD and inhibit what it can do for you. It also helps doctors hear about everyday people using the substance and break down stigmas. Many doctors are now encouraging CBD oil as a supplement or treatment.

Don’t forget to look for organic products when buying CBD oil. Anything filled with chemicals will do more damage to your body rather than help it. Also, dose low and add to it until you find the right amount for you.

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