Why Buying a Prebuilt Gaming Rig is a Better Option


Building a gaming rig has long been the most preferred option by gaming enthusiasts as opposed to buying a pre-built gaming PC. This could be attributed to the fact that building your own PC gives you endless options. You have the ability to select every single component in the machine.

That means you can fine tune your system and customize it to precisely fit your budget and gaming needs. Today, however, with component prices hitting the roof, you would be better off purchasing a pre-built gaming PC even if it doesn’t exactly meet your performance requirements.

That said, let’s take a more in-depth look at why investing in a prebuilt gaming computer is a much better option today.


Prebuilt gaming computers are obviously a more economical investment today since components are purchased in bulk directly from manufacturers.

If you opt to put together your own gamingrig, you’ll have to buy each of the components at retail price. This will leave you grappling with the exorbitant prices of critical components like RAM and GPU.


When you’re custom building your gaming rig, you have to ensure that all of the components you’re using are compatible. For example, the CPU must be compatible with your chosen motherboard. Otherwise, you may not achieve the desired performance.

That means you need some degree of expertise to get everything right, especially power distribution. Make a slight mistake, and your system will be up in smoke. With a prebuilt gaming PC, you don’t have to worry about issues like compatibility.

Once you receive your unit, you only need to set it up, and you’re good to go.


Most of today’s prebuilt gaming computers have the capability to drive even the most intense triple-A games with at least 60 frames per second (FPS) at 1,080p resolution. It can be time-consuming and cost-intensive to custom-build a PC that can deliver similar performance. However, you can easily find a high-performance prebuilt PC provided you know what to look for when shopping for one.


If your prebuilt system unit malfunctions, you can simply return it to the supplier for repairs. If it’s an issue that requires simple troubleshooting, you may not need to send the system back as the issue can be resolved from your end.

You don’t need to worry about performing complex troubleshooting procedures and end up causing more damages in the process. Conversely, a custom built gaming rig is quite complicated. You may need expert knowledge to identify the problem and fix it accordingly.


Prebuilt PCs typically come with warranties that cover every component of the system. The parts are also readily available in case you need a replacement.

Each of the components of custom built PCs, on the other hand, come with its individual warranty. However, you’re not guaranteed of getting a component whenever you need a replacement. You may have to wait for at least 14 days to receive a replacement component.

In Conclusion

Every gamer wants a powerful machine. Unfortunately, building one can be an expensive endeavor, thanks to the rising prices of components. Fortunately, you can purchase a prebuilt gaming PC that delivers impressive performance at an affordable price.

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