Why Animal Crossing is the Game of the Moment?

What is Animal Crossing?

Nintendo released the latest version of the Animal Crossing series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, on March 20, 2020. The series are video games based on life simulations, and the fifth edition was no different. Animal Crossing revolves around a customizable character that you control while you engage in daily activities on the island you’re on, while gradually exploring and taking part in developing the island.

There are a number of factors that are attributed to the success of Animal Crossing in a short period after its release, with 96% positive reviews for the game on Google. Our writers at bestybesty have tried it since its release. They’re here to tell you how awesome it is!

Creating Your Own Reality:

Animal Crossing allows you to create your own reality in a parallel fantasy world. One of the reasons for the game’s popularity stands with the feature of creating your own fantasy, especially considering the havoc that coronavirus has caused in the daily lives of individuals. Creating and developing your own fantasy has led people to escape the disturbing reality around them, and find comfort in the gaming world. Moreover, it caters to an ‘ideal universe’ where anything and everything is possible, meaning that you can live your perfect dream life in a game without any obstacles.

World of Possibilities:

Life simulation video games are a world of possibilities where gamers can participate without any restrictions. Animal Crossing allows gamers to explore their surroundings, craft and customize items and materials, collect resources, trade with the community, and gather different species located on various spots on the island. Activities that have consequences in real life, or just aren’t possible for certain individuals; they can easily indulge in those in a carefree environment in Animal Crossings.

No Restrictions:

Gamers in Animal Crossing are not restricted by having to complete missions to unlock the next levels or compete with each other, as is common with many Video games instead they can interact in the game at their own pace and time. The pressure of having to compete or complete leads to frustration in gamers. On the other hand, a restriction-free environment can help individuals play without any of the additional stress that they need to achieve the next milestone.

Both Adult and Child Friendly:

One of the main issues in video games is that if they’re child friendly, they don’t have much to offer for adult gamers. Whereas, if they’re adult video games they’re too graphic or violent for children. It’s extremely hard to develop a video game that caters to all ages, but Animal Crossing does exactly that. It allows children to participate in adult chores that they can’t for now in real-life and giving them a glimpse of independence, while for adults it aids in taking their mind off of the stress and pressure of their surroundings. Whether it’s a child or an adult that decides to play the game, Animal Crossing’s unique game development is a source of comfort and peace for both without having the players become too bored from the game.

Never-Ending Ft Daily Updates:

Animal Crossing doesn’t end, as compared to other games that do on completion of all the missions. With the aspect of a never-ending game, people might think that it’ll lead to boredom. However, the game has clearly become an addiction for regular players due to daily updates in the tasks you can perform, customizations, and new animal species added every day. Hence, you can rest assured that Animal Crossing would leave you with nothing to do once you’ve played it for some time, and you’ll always have something new to discover.

Functions in Real Time:

Animal Crossing functions in real-time aspect i.e. if where you live, it’s late-night, it’ll be late-night in your Animal Crossing world as well. This makes it easier for gamers to fully endorse themselves in the game and while there’s no pressure of having to accomplish missions, it’s helping in creating a daily routine and sticking to it in this difficult time.

Social Interaction:

Arguably, one of the most core reasons for the success of Animal Crossing is the ability to socially interact with a friend and random players from around the globe. Nowadays, during the corona crisis people are suffering from a major lack of social interaction which is taking a huge toll specifically on the health of individuals struggling from the current social distancing from being locked up and isolated from their friends and family. For many, during this time period, Animal Crossing has served as a distraction as well as giving them an approach to possible social interaction with others; which has become an aid to a lot of gamers.

Filled With Positivity:

Let’s face it, the world around us lacks positivity. While we see positive events and behavior around us, it has increasingly become buried under the negativity surrounding us. Therefore, in a world of negativity, we crave the smallest positiveness, and Animal Crossing focuses on that aspect. From the cute characters to the friendly neighbors, the game radiates positive vibes. Also tending to the community-oriented approach that Animal Crossing caters to, it both indulges players in the game and encourages them to similar positive behavior and outlook towards life.

Spending Leisure Time:

All gamers have one main purpose when playing video games to kill free time. Animal Crossing is also built around this perspective that it lets its players spend time on the game with a fun fantasy world. The differing element to Animal Crossing is that it’s centralized on the game is simple, yet interactive. Without the added complexity, it has become a source of relaxation. Many gamers have completely positive reviews for Animal Crossing due to the fact that its interactive world of fantasy is a great way of killing the extra time on their hands and never getting too bored.


Animal Crossing has taken the world by storm and is expected to easily become one of the most played video games during this corona period. If you’re curious why so many people around the world have nothing but positive remarks for this video game try it for yourself!

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