Why Verify your Facebook Page with Grey Badge?

When users view the check mark, they are aware that they are looking at your organization’s (or your own) real page; it is perhaps not an imposter rather than a buff page. They understand they can message you plus it helps reveal you are taking customer connections and your websites marketing seriously. We usually put lots of effort and time in creating proof on all our accounts, for example, Facebook, because it is a signal to additional users that our company is outstanding and established enough to earn it. Those confirmation check marks do the same thing.

Another huge bonus: with that verification can help your Page or profile ranking high in both Facebook’s along with Google’s internet search engine.

Here are a few Facebook Verified Page Advantages:

  • Arrive high in search results to attract more visitors.
  • Have a verified badge to let people know that the page is authentic.
  • Get early access to new capabilities!
  • It increases the credibility of one’s page.
  • It can help new likes to spot you personally as a recognised and dependable brand.

How to Get Grey Badge for US Business on Facebook

In case your Page’s category is Local Business, Company or Organization, your Page may possibly be qualified for a grey verification badge. If you are an admin, your Page features a profile picture and also cover photo, and so is eligible, you’ll realize this option in your Page’s Settings. To verify your Page, you can utilize your business’s publicly recorded telephone number or perhaps a company record (example: phone bill). So, the Question is, How to get a Grey tick on a Facebook page?

  • Click Preferences on Top of your Page
  • Click General
  • Go-to Page Visibility, then click Edit
  • Click Verify This Site, then click Get Going
  • Input a publicly listed phone number to Your Company, your country and terminology
  • Click on “Call Me Now”, and Facebook will phone you with a confirmation code
  • Input the 4-digit confirmation code and click on Continue

Note: If you really don’t observe the “verify these pages” it is real because face book hasn’t rolled out the feature to all users simply yet. You can always go and use this URL (Facebook Page Verification Link) to verify it by hand by providing records from your company.


How to Get Grey Badge Verification for Non-US Business on Facebook?

This trick on how to verify facebook page is illegal and we have only mentioned it for educational purpose.

The first thing to know that ask grey badge is available only for U.S.

However, in case you stick to this measure, it is possible to create “Page Verification” option visible for non-U.S. business.

In case “Page Verification” option is already visible on your page it is advisable to skip the first step and move to the 2nd step.

how to get grey tick on facebook page

First Measure: Make “Page Verification” option Visible

Now to get started you require first change your page category to “local business” and add a bogus U.S address in the about section.

Later, open your settings page, and you will find “Page Verification” option shown, or you may need to change your IP address to U.S.

For newly created page you need to wait for some time before “Page Verification” option can be visible

verify facebook page gray badge

facebook page verification 2017

facebook grey check mark verified


Second step: Get Fake document

Try to find in Google a fantastic image replica of “certificates of registration of company name“,

Choose one and attempted to adjust the name of the company in the document and to edit them using photo shop.

Now head to Settings–>Page Verification–> Verify Facebook page.

Click on “Verify this Page with documents” to verify your business page with document

facebook page verification form


Publish your fake document and click “Send Document.

grey verified page trick

After sending record you will be able to alter your page address into a new address it is not necessary to be always a U.S address, you may use any other address.

However, the address needs to be the same in your file. In the first step, I tell you to adjust your address to U.S address merely to produce “Page Verification” option visible.


You will get a message, and after about two days, you will need to wait for a mail from Facebook such as this:

unfortunately we are unable to provide this service in your region at this time

request a verified badge facebook link


Facebook may ask you for the billing record, and you can create a fake electricity bill featuring your fake name and address on it.

To sum it up:

To create “Page verification” option visible, you need to:

– Change category to “Local Business“.

– Add fake U.S address into your page.

– Using a US Ip Address is not necessary. You can also use EU or French IP Address.

To make a fake record, you will need to:

– Produce a bogus “certificates of registration of the business name” document comprising your fake name and address.

Note that the address in the document needs to coincide with the address of your page.

– Upload your document.

– Wait two days, and you may get a response.

This trick has been tested for Facebook page verification in 2017 and it still works.