“Who Wins In A Game Of 2-On-2 To 16? Kevin Durant And LeBron James vs. Magic Johnson And Larry Bird?” Quinn Cook Asks Fans

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Hypothetical matches and comparisons have always been a part of the competition, but over the past 12 months fans have taken it a step further by always trying to compare two or more greats from different eras to provoke discussion and see what others think.

The World Cup debate is a good example, but it’s not the only comparison we’ve seen lately. We’ve seen people try to figure out who will win between the Dream Team of 1992 and the Redemption Team of 2008, between the Bulls of 1996 and the Warriors of 2017, and many other matchups.

Quinn Cook outlined on Twitter a very good matchup between the four players who will remain as the best of the best in the league. He had Kevin Durant and LeBron James against Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Who will win the 2on2 game at 16!? Kevin Durant and LeBron James versus Magic Johnson and Larry Bird? !? Who will win and why? You all know who I’m with! He asked fans on Twitter.

Who wins the 2on2 game at 16?!? Kevin Durant and LeBron James versus Magic Johnson and Larry Bird? !? Who will win and why? You all know who I’m with!!!

– Quinn Cook (@QCook323) 10. March 2021

Predictably, this led to a lot of discussion, with fans arguing for KD and King and others saying Magic and Bird would win the hypothetical matchup.

AAH! You obviously don’t watch much basketball. Larry is the best player of all time and certainly the purest shooter of all time! He really plays men’s basketball and his fundamentals are perfect! Pray for Bronny, if you must!

– Walt Haverfield III (@bigwalt1776) 10. March 2021

We’re talking about the rules of 80’s rock em sock em ?????. If so, I’ll take the magic and the bird!

– Javier Hernandez (@itsmejavier) 10. March 2021

2 against 2 is very different from 5 against 5. Bird is not athletic enough to dodge a pick n roll, made or made by Magic. None of them can prevent KD from shooting at them. A Source dive will kill Bird, and if Magic comes to the rescue, go to KD.

– Iron Man Icon (@IronmanIcon) March 11, 2021

Remember, LeBron and KD are so superior that they have the advantage.

– miekmie (@miekmike273) March 11, 2021


– Antoine Lee (@antwanlee4) 10. March 2021


– Antoine Lee (@antwanlee4) 10. March 2021

Birds and magic, of course. There’s not enough room to explain in detail why….. All I know is that Magic and Bird are going to hurt KD and LeBron so much that they will never be the same. Bird will send them into therapy with foul trouble and Magic will make buckets and passes that only a Wizard can make pic.twitter.com/bxKsCb3vNS

– Tony gets the (@wolfofgainsst) March 10, 2021

LeBron knows people get on his nerves, and the Magic would make three baskets for him.

– Saif (@SaifMHa) March 11, 2021

Never mind the KD rules, smoke the bird.

– Jake (@jakereynolds44) 10. March 2021

The Magic and Birds win at their best because they play better defense. Another question is whether ticks are called a tackle or a bully….. What era are we playing with these 4 players in their best years?

– Chris Epps (@Mrepps23) March 11, 2021

LeBron and Durant. Magic’s style of play worked well when there were four other skilled players on the field that he could use; he wouldn’t have been as great in 2-on-2.

– GOAT James (@GOAT__JAMES) March 11, 2021

I don’t think they will lose the 2v2 being offered. pic.twitter.com/4vSjy0CPB8

– Matthew Schroeder (@Matt24Schroeder) March 10, 2021

That’s good… You forget who started this shit… They’d be playing AAU if it weren’t for these 3. pic.twitter.com/4G6vEgcrLy

– Tony gets the (@wolfofgainsst) March 10, 2021

You forget that Magic Johnson is just as big as Lebron and just as good at defending, if not better.

– Cute Flaco Ozi (@the_nig_osias) March 10, 2021

LeBron has the best game of any round at his best. He is by far the best player on the field. The only concern is that if Bird and Magic take the lead, KD doesn’t fall to his knees and start begging them to join their team. He’s the kind of guy who takes the ball and goes home when he starts losing .

– Mendoza (@Mzndoza) 10. March 2021

They don’t look like Larry either, I promise you.

– Prae (@Prae298) 10. March 2021

Source & Kd as they play against Bird & Magic pic.twitter.com/TEVJ2xIhCL

– Big Evol (@eevolminded) March 11, 2021

…they’ll never know. The bird and the magic were ridiculous.

– Coach Joel (@HoopShots12) March 11, 2021

If the magic and the bird get the ball first. And it’s the winners ball. And Larry doesn’t miss a beat. Then Larry and the magic. But they will not keep the other two if it is .

– Tapeyi (@triggaNAP) March 11, 2021

And the fact is, I have more confidence in LeBron and KD to guard the Magic and Bird. Magic and Bird have never seen anything like LeBron and KD and would be lost to protect them.

– Jameel Gale (@GayleJameel) March 10, 2021

I’m playing with this because Lebron and KD would have definitely taken bows and forearms in the 80s, but Lebron couldn’t hold KD with that much confidence.

– Aaron M. (@aronmurray81) 11. March 2021

Shit… People really think Bird and the Magic can keep Kevin Durant pic.twitter.com/6Vy3eOehZI

– REGGIECTA (@epilefbih) March 11, 2021

Kd and Bron maybe only for their athletic ability, but it would be nice to see them lol…..

– Brown Mamba (@Bigteedubb) 10. March 2021

We’re talking about four of the best players in NBA history, and they have a lot in common. KD is a great scorer, as is Bird, while Johnson and James are known as incredible passers and facilitators.

It was going to be an entertaining and exciting game, but it always ends the same. You can’t compare eras, which is why it’s so hard to agree.

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frequently asked questions

Are Kevin Durant and LeBron James friends?

Kevin Durant But despite the competition, the two have become very good friends off the field. James and Durant were teammates on the 2012 U.S. Olympic team that won the gold medal in London.

Is Kevin Durant better than Larry?


Who is better than Magic Johnson or LeBron James?

At first glance, you could look at LeBron James’ better record and give him an edge. However, some simple calculations show that their aggressive performance is very similar. LeBron has scored about 7.5 more points per game than the Magic in his entire career. However, the Magic handed out about four more assists per game.

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