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Who is Atreus’ Mother in ‘God of War’? (UPDATED)

Who is Atreus’ Mother in ‘God of War’? (UPDATED)

God of Struggle is all about Kratos and Atreus. Not the one-man demolition machine, the pantheon-wrecking demigod is a caring father now, enjoying protector and instructor. However there’s an enormous piece of this household lacking. When the sport begins, Atreus’ mom has simply handed away and her physique is but to be burned.

We’ve seen a good bit about Atreus now, after current previews. However who might have performed such a big, significant half in Kratos’ life to make him calm down and begin a brand new household? Who is Atreus’ mom?

We all know the reality now, and we’ll maintain the bulk of this text spoiler-free. If you wish to skip straight to the most important reveals, scroll right down to the underside. We’ll clearly label that as spoiler territory, however be warned, the physique of this text accommodates minor spoilers as properly.

What We Know About Atreus’ Mother

Inside the first few hours of the sport, Kratos says his second spouse’s identify. Atreus’ mom’s identify is Faye.

As God of Conflict begins, we see that Kratos’ second spouse has handed away. It seems to be a peaceable demise (as a result of we all know what type of rampage a homicide would have brought about), nevertheless it catalyses a journey that’s something however peaceable.

We all know she meant for them to go on this journey, and never solely as a result of she requested her ashes “be spread from the highest peak in all the realms.” However as a result of she had positioned a protecting ward across the forest throughout Atreus’ upbringing. When she informed Kratos to chop the timber she marked together with her handprint for her funeral pyre, the ward was damaged and the forest was not protected — forcing the journey to occur.

Maybe she needed this journey so the 2 might bond, after Kratos had been away for therefore lengthy. Maybe she meant them to cross paths with the Aesir gods. Or maybe she simply knew of Kratos’ want to reside out his days in this quiet forest, and needed Atreus to not be sure to at least one small woodland circle.

We now know one essential factor for positive. Atreus’ mom meant them to study the reality of the place she got here from, which was discovered on the finish of their journey.

Why We Assume She Was Mortal

Kratos hates gods. Hates ’em. And no one hates like Kratos.

There’s a elementary mistrust there. He doesn’t consider any god is succesful of being good, together with himself. Any relationship with a god that was remotely constructive — akin to Athena — was ultimately corrupted to the purpose of haunting him.

Let’s keep in mind, this is somebody who slaughtered his approach via the whole Greek pantheon, being betrayed and performed and backstabbed the entire time. When he lastly settled down in Scandinavia, he would have needed nothing to do with a god for a spouse.

Midway by means of the sport, Kratos comes out and says it. Faye was mortal. Kratos isn’t able to reveal the complete fact of his previous to Atreus but, however he wanted to inform him about his godly nature. That prompts Atreus to ask if his mom was a god as properly. The reply is no.

It’s enjoyable to take a position who his spouse might have been if she have been a god, of course. There’s a conspicuous hole of time between his Greek tragedies and Norseland fatherhood. We occur to assume after the collection has spent sufficient time in Scandinavia, there’s sufficient room for a flashback to travels in-between.

The obvious location for that is Egypt. Maybe the gorgeous Isis, additionally a protector who was educated about nature? Or her sister Nephthys? Or Anuket?

However even earlier than we knew for sure Faye was mortal, it wouldn’t make sense for her to be a god. How would we clarify her completely unremarkable dying?

Atreus’ Mother Was Doubtless Norse

Faye was an skilled in Norse mythology and historical past, and taught what she knew to Atreus, ever the keen sponge of info. She was conversant in all of the realms, their histories, and most languages. Atreus is capable of spot and translate runes from totally different languages to Kratos, and even is aware of sufficient of surrounding languages to piece collectively clues about runes he isn’t but conversant in.

On prime of that, Faye additionally appeared to know that the household would wish defending (as a consequence of Kratos and Atreus’ god standing), and tips on how to execute that safety. That means her information of Norse gods and their tendencies could also be greater than educational.

Kratos was away for a lot of Atreus’ childhood, leaving Faye to show Atreus to hunt. As Kratos takes Atreus out for his or her first father/son hunt, Atreus clearly is aware of the animals of the land, their tracks, and the best way to stalk them. All of this native experience got here from Faye. She’s both Norse herself or a scholar of overseas cultures, at a time when you’ll be able to’t Google “what is a Draugr.”

Now, of course, we all know the complete fact. Atreus’ mom Faye was certainly Norse — although not the type of Norse we have been all anticipating. Scroll down for the complete spoiler on that tidbit.

She Was Magical

We talked about the wards Faye positioned across the forest, however one other huge level is her son might have inherited superhuman talents from multiple supply.

In our preview session, Atreus was displaying an uncontrollable anger that was clearly handed down from his father. However he additionally referred to a “sickness.” When Atreus would get very indignant and Kratos doubted his capability to embark on the journey forward, Atreus would say “I am ready! I haven’t been sick in a long time!”

It’s clear the boy is sensible, what together with his scholarly success with runes and mythology, however it goes past that. A number of issues are signalled early in the sport that transcend an clever youngster. Atreus appears to know issues others don’t.

For instance, once we first see Brok, the dwarven blacksmith, making an attempt to push his animal throughout a bridge, Atreus by some means is aware of the animal is afraid of one thing in the close by woods. He asks Kratos to throw his axe in that path. Positive sufficient, no matter was there scampers away. Atreus then whispers one thing in one other tongue to the beast, which promptly will get up and begins strolling.

That kind of means clearly didn’t come from Atreus’ father. Whether or not it was handed down genetically or verbally, it got here from Faye. Afterward, we see a extra dramatic model of this energy, as Atreus is capable of name to the World Serpent — in a language nobody else is aware of — for assist.

Lastly and really importantly, there are moments in the direction of the top of the sport when Atreus begins to listen to voices. He’s one way or the other mentally related to these round him, however can’t but management it. Atreus’ powers have but to manifest themselves absolutely, however there’s clearly some sort of telepathy concerned.

Initially, the TV business confirmed Atreus firing electrical arrows, which led some to consider he had inherited energy over lightning from being the grandson of Zeus. However the shock arrow is a magical merchandise, not inherited from Atreus’ mom or father.

Atreus’ Mother Was a Warrior

The Leviathan Axe was made by the dwarves Brok and Sindri, however they didn’t make it for Kratos. They made it for Faye.

This is made clear the primary time you encounter Sindri, when he thinks Kratos might have stolen the axe. Such is Sindri’s admiration for Faye, he was prepared to confront Kratos over the axe’s possession.

In a prophecy revealed on the finish, we additionally see that it was Faye who first held the axe. She then gave it to Kratos.

Despatched by the giants. However for what objective?

This was hinted at early on. Within the E3 2017 God of Struggle presentation that includes sand artwork, Faye is proven holding and axe after which later, Kratos’ hand on it. This occurs earlier than the infant seems in the image.

Later in the sport, Faye is known as a “a great warrior, and a great woman.” She’s additionally a talented hunter, and teaches these expertise to Atreus. The axe wasn’t given to her as a ceremonious trinket — it was given to her to make use of.

This is sensible, as it will definitely take a lady with thick pores and skin and martial prowess to not solely put up with Kratos’ infinite belligerence, but in addition earn his respect. Finally, Faye introduced out Kratos’ softer aspect in a method no different post-Lysandra lady might.

The Etymology of ‘Faye’

For sure, “Faye” is phonetically equivalent to “fae” (or “fay,” or “fata”) which has significance in Norse mythology.

The Fae people refers to any supernatural non-human people, akin to elves, dwarves, giants, and so forth. Magical, mythological individuals who could possibly be faeries or some sort of spirit. The truth that Kratos’ spouse has this identify, in this setting, and is additionally displaying magical mastery could possibly be telling.

We aren’t even positive the right spelling of Kratos’ companion is “Faye,” as we’ve solely heard him utter the identify verbally in the early half of the sport. Maybe we’ll see a correct spelling in-game, or in an official correspondence from Sony.

Spoiler Territory — Atreus’ Mother’s True Id

A bit of bit of time has handed now, and we all know extra about Atreus’ mom, Faye. In the event you don’t need to know the super-spoilery fact, now is the time to look away.

Atreus’ mom was of the race of giants. Not all giants are literally big, and she or he was normal-sized. However she did come from the realm of Jotunheim, as we discover out on the finish of God of Conflict.

This is the realm that the giants fled to, escaping Odin’s wrath. Tyr made it very exhausting for anybody to seek out their means there, eluding even the Aesir gods. When Kratos and Atreus lastly get there, they see that the giants had prophesied their whole journey.

It began with Atreus’ mom Faye leaving the giants. In dying, she gave Kratos and Atreus this quest so they might uncover the reality. Nevertheless it’s unclear if her motive was for them to bond, or uncover the destiny of the giants, or just throwing the enormous monkey wrench that is Kratos into the equipment of Norse deities out of vengeance.

For these maintaining rating, meaning Atreus is each a god and an enormous. Kratos gained the marital squabble over what to call the kid, selecting “Atreus” to honour a former Spartan warrior. However Faye, and the giants, had all the time deliberate for this son to be named Loki.

Atreus was by no means portrayed as mischievous or as a trickster, as we’ve historically come to know Loki from Norse mythology. However Loki is meant to be half big.

The giants have been expert at prophecy, but Kratos is simply as expert at defying prophecy. Solely time will inform what Faye’s true objectives have been. Was she enjoying the lengthy recreation? Was marrying Kratos and birthing Atreus all half of a plan? There are nonetheless many realms we haven’t explored, and we’ll in all probability discover out extra in DLCs or a sequel.

There’s additionally a secret ending that hints on the struggle to return…

That’s as a lot spoilery goodness as we all know, for now. If any new particulars come to mild, we’ll replace this submit.

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