Who are the voice actors in It Takes Two?

a co-op game like It Takes Two, with beautiful graphics, unique puzzles and a heartwarming story of two parents learning to appreciate each other again, one of the most overlooked but impressive aspects is the way the actors play their parts.

But who are the dubbers who bring these characters to life behind the scenes?

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Cody and Dr. Hakim –

Joseph Balderrama plays the two main characters, Cody’s father and Dr. Hakim’s often antagonistic but sometimes helpful book. He brings great passion to each role and more than enough range to completely separate the voices.

Balderrama is also known for several other roles in video games such as Sangres in Pay Day 2, Pepe Balderrama in Lego City Undercover, Don Rodrigo in Dragon Quest XI : Echoes of an Elusive Age Brody and Sawyer from Tom Clancy’s Ghost Reconnaissance, and Tio from Crew 2.

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Dr. Hakim’s mo cap – Josef Fares

Joseph Fares, head of the studio and designer of the game, played for Dr. Hakim himself. His other work includes the cooperative prison game A Way Out and his studio’s first title, Brothers: The story of two sons.

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May – Annabelle Dowler

Annabelle Dowler lends her charming voice to the Lead Actress and May’s mother. She has an impressive talent for alternating between logical rigor and warmth and vulnerability.

Dowler is best known for the role of the elegant suffragette in Suffragette, Walter’s mother in Doctor Who and Catherine of Aragon in The Six Wives of Henry VIII. But she also gave voice to Saheila and Amadia in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

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Rose to Clare Corbett

Cody and Mae’s daughter, Rose, is a sweet girl who wants her parents to get back together. And although she looks so convincing as a child, Claire Corbett is definitely a grown woman. She’s very talented and gives the game the down-to-earth vibe it needs to balance the more fantastical elements.

Corbett has also lent his voice to a number of playable characters, including Saint Astrea from Demon’s Souls, Guinevere and Priscilla from Dragon Cross in Dark Souls Elzanne the Scholar from First Sin in Dark Souls 2, Hildur from LittleBigPlanet 3 and Marabella from The Witch 3 : Wild Hunt Nestling in Dark Souls 3, and Floren and Electra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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Vacuum cleaner – Steven Greif

Stephen Greif plays the first boss, an abused vacuum cleaner who is put in a closet to be replaced by a new Frenchman. Although the character himself is rather ridiculous in nature, Mrs. Greif lends him a dignity and weight that makes his fate all the more tragic.

Greif is a talented actor who was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and has had a career in theatre and television for decades. However, he has had several playable roles, including Raymond Maarloev in The Witch, Barnum in Fable 2, the narrator in Puppeteer and Crack Blanklaw in Shadows: Awakening.

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Hammerhead to Martin T. Sherman

Martin T. Sherman lends his voice to the fun and charming Hammerhead, who teams up with May and Cody to reunite him with his friends in the tool room. Sherman brings a great lightness to the role that makes the character memorable long after the chapter has ended.

Sherman is best known as the voice actor of Thomas, Percy and Diesel in the series Thomas the Tank Engine. He also played the role of Alvin in Terminator: Resistance, Spider-Man in LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2, Decamine, Mance, Shahawad from Horizon Zero Dawn and Gustavo from LittleBigPlanet 3.

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Squirrel Cook – Graham Fox

Graham Fox plays Squirrel Warden and manages to bring a sense of toughness and nonsense to a character who seems too charming to be a warlord.

Fox was also on the mission: Impossible – Bouncer of the Grand Palace and Ralph Kenning in Game of Thrones as well as voice performances in several video games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth, and Aegon Karim and Cage Crazy in Dark Souls 3.

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Beetle to Glenn Vraj

Beetle, who turns out to be not so bad (just a mercenary taking orders), is played by Glenn Wrath. His comedic yet serious nature makes even a volatile character like Beetle memorable well beyond his appearance.

Daredevil works primarily in films like Doyle in Saving Private Ryan, Kurt in Cold Chase and Louie in Blue Iguana. He also plays John Jameson in Lego Marvel Superheroes 2, Roy Mitchell in Call of Cthulhu: The official video game of Daryl from Star Ocean: Anamnesis, Carl Bookhart from Phantom Intelligence: Wilderness, as well as Aelund, Connor Chasson and Kikuk from Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Queen Wasp/Bumblebee – Victoria Will

Victoria Willing plays the dual roles of the intimidating and regal Queen Wasp and the cowardly and timid Bumblebee. She is able to make each role completely different from the others, which takes a lot of talent.

While Willing is better suited to her role as Mrs. Cartwright is well known in both the movies and the series Inbetweeners. She also appeared in a number of other television roles, including Terri Willits, Luana Bezerra and Mandy Turner in Accident, as a maid in Little Princess and as Gwen Hubbard, Laura Griffiths and Sally Moulding in The Doctor.

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Joy – Louise Patikas

Louise Patikas plays Joy, and her wonderfully sweet voice brings an otherwise mundane character to life in a play full of charming and unique characters.

Patikas is best known for her roles as Arlessa Isolde in Origin of the Dragon and Age of the Dragon 2. She also played Aphrodite in Rise of the Immortals, Laura, Helen Flannel and Sarah in Fable 3, and Linade in Xenolade Chronicles.

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