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Elden Ring is an upcoming game that features a story-driven RPG with battle mechanics. The charismatic and darkly comedic cast of characters captivates the player at every turn, which makes it difficult to imagine going on without their voices guiding you through your journey
The voice actors are as follows:

The “Elden Ring voice actors game of thrones” is a role-playing video game that was developed by Elden Ring The game features an ensemble cast of voice actors from HBO’s Game of Thrones

It’s easy to forget that Souls-Borne games are voice acted when the majority of the audio in Elden Ring is taken up by music rising to the crunching noises of your player character being crushed beneath opponent blows. Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne have all had a few NPCs that are just there to provide gobbledygook lines of speech about igniting fires, blood transfusions, and whatever else most players will wind up finding out the true meaning of from a Youtube video after they’ve finished playing.

Apart from bringing an open world to the Dark Souls model, Elden Ring also places a greater focus on conveying a fairly intelligible story, which includes a large cast of voice actors. Here are some of Elden Ring’s voice-over cast’s best moments.

Edwards, Aimee-Ffion (Rani)

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Ranni is played by Aimee-Ffion Edwards in the first episode. The blue witch’s presence is perfectly embodied by Edwards’ lilting, breath-heavy approach to Ranni’s voice, which is in keeping with what you’d hear from comparable characters in previous Souls games. Skins, Luther, and Peaky Blinders are among Edward’s previous credits.

Martha Mackintosh is a British actress (Melina)

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When you don’t have any maidens, who is always there for you? That would be Melina. The Melina-type, voiced by Martha Mackintosh, is a common sight in each Souls game, since she’s the breathily-spoken conduit for leveling up and learning the basics of the plot. Mackintosh has also appeared in a number of BBC programmes and voiced Captian Yarshka in Dark Souls 3.

Elouahabi, Nabil (Kale)

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Nabil Elouahabi plays Kale, everyone’s favorite Santa Claus costuming grocer. With gravelly tones flowing like a stone cascading down a dried-up creek, Kale’s VO fits well in with the rest of the ensemble. Elouahabi’s work may also be found in His Dark Materials, The Night Of, and The Sum of All Fears, in addition to voicing Cypher in Valorant.

Ramon Tikaram is a writer who lives in the Philippines (Godrick)

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Ramon Tikaram’s VO portrayal for Godrick nails the tone of a has-been king, making it one of the most recognized multi-arm gigantic boss battles in the game. Godrick’s voice takes on an aged Scottish grit and grizzle from Tikaram, suggestive of a dried-out, cracked piece of driftwood washed ashore and roasted to petrification in the sun. Jupiter Ascending, Subnautica, and the Total War games are among Tikaram’s other credits.

Torrens, Pip (Radhan)

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Another big ole boss that has appeared in a lot of the marketing leading up to Elden Ring’s release, Radhan is the red-maned boss whose hulking presence cartoonishly sits upon his itty-bitty horse. Pip Torrens voices Radhan in such a way that creates a stark contrast between Torrens’ reserved, paced-out elegant monotone and Radhan’s hulking, human-eating brutality. Pip Torrens has an extensive list of credits in both film and television ranging from Star Wars The Force Awakens, Law & Order: UK, and Preacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who voiced Melina?

A: Melina is voiced by Cree Summer.

Why do some characters have 2 voice actors?

A: The answer to this question is that there are a few characters in Beat Saber who have 2 voice actors. This is due to Sonys decision not to allow custom songs, and their fear of copyright issues should they do so.

Will Elden Ring have NPCs?

A: The Elden Ring is a very small island in the game, and as such it doesnt have any NPCs.

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