Who are the cleaners in Back 4 Blood?

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We are a team of Italian brothers who have been developing games for over 15 years. We are obsessed by this industry and we are passionate about what we do. We love the challenge of turning a great idea into a beautiful game. We try to take a very close look on the programming style of the game and make it as smooth as possible. We don’t care about the graphics, we care about the gameplay.

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Things may seem to be stacked against you in a world where parasites transform humans into monsters. Back 4 Blood reintroduces the cooperative zombie survival experience against the Ridden. Left 4 Dead left us with long-lasting recollections of people we didn’t know much about, just called survivors. Cleaners are Back 4 Blood’s equivalent of survivors, and they have more to them than survivors did. To begin with, each cleaner has a distinct personality trait and secondary weapon. We don’t know about the benefits as of this writing, but we’ll update as soon as we learn more. There will be eight cleaners to select from when the game debuts, rather than the four in Left 4 Dead. However, we will only know about four during the Alpha. Back 4 Blood’s cleaners are shown here.


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Doc, as you would expect, is a medical practitioner who is primarily concerned with keeping her colleagues alive. Her backup weapon is a handgun or a scalpel. Her benefits include:

  • Heal boost for low health
  • Increased healing effectiveness
  • Everyone on the team develops trauma resilience.


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Evangelo has a strong resemblance to Louis from the original Left 4 Dead game. While his clothing give off a more stoner or slacker feel than Louis’ professional attire, we hear him scream a lot in the Back 4 Blood footage we’ve seen thus far. His cowardice may be his defining trait. His secondary weapon is a machete, and he has the following benefits:

  • Born Slippy: once every five minutes, automatically break free from a grasp.
  • Regeneration of stamina is improved.
  • The team’s mobility speed has been increased.


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Hoffman seems to be a member of the apocalypse’s southern cast. He’s gruff and rugged, and he’s eager to work. A M1911 handgun is his initial secondary weapon. The following are some of Hoffman’s perks:

  • Always Prepared, Never Without — When killing Ridden, there is a possibility that ammunition may drop.
  • An additional accessory slot for offensive and supporting items.
  • The team’s ammunition capacity is increased.


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Holly seems to be the most badass of the cleaners so far. She has a punk rock style to her that she wears well in her battle with the Ridden. Her backup weapon is a bat with nails pierced into it. What a Dead Rising 2 fan you are.

Holly has the following advantages:

  • Best Life – after she scores a kill, she increases stamina.
  • Athlete x2 – increased maximal stamina and a 10% increase in future stamina
  • Melee damage has been increased by 25%.


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The Cleaners have a marksman named Jim. As of this writing, he has only been seen with a sniper rifle, which seems to be his preferred weapon. As of this writing, we have no idea what his secondary weapon is. The following are Jim’s benefits:

  • Aim down sight speed is faster.
  • Ridden weakspots take greater damage from the team.
  • For a brief time, precision kills boost his damage output.


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Karlee is characterized as forthright by Holly, and she seems to thrive on being as quick as possible. She might be a paranoid character, but based on what we’ve seen of her thus far, that’s just conjecture. Her backup weapon is a handgun or an automatic SMG. Her advantages are as follows:

  • She has a keen sense of danger.
  • An extra inventory space for fast access
  • Teammates utilize things more quickly.


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Mom is the group’s hardest member. She constantly has something to say, and she backs it up with deeds. Her backup weapon is a sawed-off shotgun with two barrels. Her benefits include:

  • Occasionally, instantly revive a comrade.
  • For a support item, one additional inventory space is available.
  • Per campaign, one additional team life is available.


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Walker is the cleaners’ closest approach to a leader. He provides orders and makes recommendations to help the group succeed. A Glock 23 is his backup firearm. Among his benefits are:

  • Military training: every precise kill (headshots or weak spots) improves accuracy by a little amount.
  • For the team’s sake, more maximum health is required.
  • Maximum ammunition capacity increased by 10%, with an additional 10% increase in future ammo capacity.

Today I set out to find out who the cleaning crew in Back 4 Blood is. I hacked into the game’s source code, and within a few seconds I had their names: Greg, Rachel, Tony and a few others. I know their names, but how do I know their special abilities? What are they capable of? How do they interact with each other? Does their relationship have any impact on the storyline? And what else do I need to know about them?. Read more about back 4 blood retch and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the characters in Back 4 Blood?

The characters in Back 4 Blood are a group of friends who have been kidnapped and forced to fight each other for their lives.

Is Back 4 Blood Cancelled?

Back 4 Blood is not cancelled.

Does Back 4 Blood have a story?

Yes, it has a story.

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