White Supremacists Among Minnesota Violence Inciting Groups


MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – 29. MAGEN: A demonstrator stands at the National Guard line during a demonstration triggered by the death of George Floyd, who was killed on 29 March. May 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Earlier today, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauven was arrested for the death of Floyd. Shawwin was accused of kneeling at Floyd’s house when he begged him not to breathe. Some time later, Floyd was declared dead. Chauwin and three other agents involved in the arrest were released after the distribution of the video recording of the arrest.

Governor Tim Wals of Minnesota said the peaceful protests in the past 48 hours have turned into something completely different. At an early morning press conference, leaders announced that they were mobilizing the largest force ever sent to Minnesota to fight organized groups from elsewhere who have come to cause destruction and violence.

According to John Harrington, Secretary of State for Minnesota, they have found ties with some of the people arrested with white racist groups.

By analyzing information about people arrested during the riots, Harrington said they see white racist organizers on social networking sites calling members of their groups to travel to Minneapolis. They always try to understand what other organizations people are involved in.

Is it organized crime, an organized terrorist cell? What’s the connection? We’re working to find out, Harrington said.

According to the governor, the locals receive instructions from a guide.

Mr. Walz said at a press conference: Our hearts and our solidarity with those who understand what happened to George Floyd on Monday night need to see justice. But these people aren’t her.

The waltz, along with Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey, Harrington commissioner, and Minnesota National Guard adjutant general John Jensen, explained that since there are intellectual cells that use Floyd’s protests to cause civil unrest and destruction, they are calling for the entire Minnesota National Guard.

General Jensen said that they are still working on the number of people that will be there, but at best that number could reach 13,200, which is the lower limit of the 2,400 people that will fall between those two numbers, he said.

These people have brought more devastation and terror to Minnesota in the last 72 hours than anyone else in our history, Woles said. That’s what we’re dealing with.

The Walz government has stated that agitators are trying to exacerbate a situation in which deadly violence is being used and chaos is being created.

More than 1,000 additional soldiers and aircraft were activated today. This is in addition to the 700 people who were employed late last night. This is the largest internal effort in the 164-year history of the National Guard of Minnesota. Picture.twitter.com/aV9NOFv5uo

– MN National Guard 30. May 2020.

On the basis of the information gathered so far, it is assumed that the people most involved in the violence in Minneapolis are not from the region. The law enforcement agencies consider that 80% of them are outside the state.

They prosecute those who have been arrested to find out which groups they are connected to and say they will release the names later.

Officials say they see a sophisticated and tightly controlled group of people who tend to adjust their tactics to keep order as difficult as possible, Woles said.

It’s not about the protests anymore. It’s not about words anymore. This is violence and we have to stop it, said Mayor Frey.

We mobilize the greatest force that ever existed. The people who do this aren’t from Minneapolis. They come from outside the city and from the region. The dynamics have changed, he said.

However, the government leaders say they had no illusions that attracting additional forces would deter the troublemakers.

On the contrary, this is the challenge they were looking for, Walls said. The call for participation will be made – and the call will be there to try to break the back of civil society and the people who are trying to help it move forward … they’ll bring everything they’ve got.

The governor warned that it would be very dangerous in the city today.

They try to exacerbate a situation in which deadly violence is used and chaos is created. People are very smart. They’re adapting, Wolz said.

Authorities request peaceful demonstrators to stay at home on Saturday evening.

White Supremacists Among Minnesota Violence Inciting Groups

The GettyProtesters pose at a demonstration in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the 29th. The May 2020 posters related to the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white policeman knelt on his neck for a few minutes. At the end of May, a Minneapolis officer was arrested in American custody on charges of murder in connection with the death of a cuffed black man who could not suppress his boiling anger.

Although they say they understand that the protest was catalysed by the people of Minnesota expressing their pain and anger at the murder of George Floyd, this is no longer the case.

Officials say peaceful demonstrators should be used as a cover for those working with bad intentions at other levels.

There is a curfew, but the officials say they do not expect those who want to do evil to respect that curfew. They rather hope that those who want to stay away will follow the directive, so that innocent people are not used by organized groups and peaceful demonstrators are not consumed by what may happen. The curfew gives the police the legal authority to make arrests for violations of the curfew.

We set a temporary curfew at Minneapolis and St. Paul’s to restore peace.

It works on Friday and Saturday evenings from 8pm to 6am. I call upon the people of Minnesota to obey – the time has come to rebuild our community.

– Governor Tim Walz (@GovTimWalz) 29. May 2020.

Civil society is not only supported by laws and the threat of sanctions. This is supported by a sense of social contract that we share the same values, Walz said.

Four evenings in a row there were demonstrations in Minneapolis. In recent nights there has been an escalation of violence and destruction. Arson, robbery and destruction have ravaged the city.

There were no deaths during the demonstrations.

READ NOW: Two federal officers were shot, one of whom died during a protest in Oakland Friday night.

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