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Whiskey Cavalier Deserves a Season 2

Whiskey Cavalier Deserves a Season 2

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Let’s be clear: Whiskey Cavalier is just not probably the greatest exhibits of 2019. You in all probability saw one or two trailers for it, or watched the pilot but fell off since you received so much Shondaland to make amends for. If the goofy spy drama felt wholly predictable and prefer it did not know what to do with the unimaginable star energy of its leads Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan, you would not be fallacious! However regardless of that feeling — or maybe because of — it deserves a second season. Presently in purgatory as ABC makes the ultimate cuts for subsequent season’s schedule, Whiskey Cavalier, a show about an excessively delicate FBI agent teaming up with a cold-hearted CIA agent, is a secret nicely of delights solely because of Scott Foley’s eyes and the truth that they give attention to EVERY DAMN PERSON on that present.

Will Chase (Foley) is a distinctive agent, one with an incredibly high emotional intelligence that is continuously beneath query in such a ruthless career. However where another lesser present would pull comedy from feminizing a historically masculine trope, Whiskey Cavalier makes use of the strain to ask why this degree of kindness and consideration is not inherent to all individuals, especially these in careers that are likely to strip the humanity from them. The cherry on prime is the very fact this nuance is especially achieved by means of Foley’s grasp of The Look ™.

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As popularized on Twitter, Foley has an electric potential to gaze upon the subject of his affection in a approach that not only incites his love interest, but in addition the viewers. Fans of Felicity have KNOWN for many years, however Foley has captured the thirst of a completely new era together with his lusty performances in Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and now Whiskey Cavalier.

The wildest part of Whiskey Cavalier, nevertheless, is that Foley’s Seems to be ™ aren’t limited to his love interest. Frankie (Cohan) could be endgame — which is a hand they performed too early for it’s a satisfying lengthy recreation — however Will Chase has limitless affection and he makes positive everybody is aware of it. His new teammates who don’t notably need to bond with him find themselves doing so anyway. His marks — particularly the honeypots! — discover themselves wishing life was simple enough to take a man saying he enjoys their company at face value. Will’s former greatest pal who had a looooooong ass affair with Will’s ex pushed his means onto the staff as a result of he desperately craves Will’s kindness greater than an emotional affair. And WOW are those Seems to be ™ heated because even when Will hates someone, he’s nonetheless making an attempt to remember why he liked them to start with.

Photograph: ABC/Larry D. Horricks

Foley’s Look ™ is POWERFUL to say the least. And perhaps he does spend most of his time on the present directing it at Cohan’s Frankie, who seems to be a little an excessive amount of like his sister to be effective when it comes to romance. But the fact that he makes use of it pretty indiscriminately at whoever shares the scene with him is what makes the present peak young auntie bait. It is incredibly straightforward to imagine a world the place you’re in Scott Foley’s presence and he’s blessing you with a Look ™. Perhaps you are the mark of the week. Perhaps you’re a feisty operative with another company. More than likely you are just a main Scott Foley fan, and you occur to encounter him at your native Dealer Joe’s in LA and you have simply worked up the nerve to go over and tell him how much you admire his work. And in every single a type of fantasies — notably the last one — Foley turns that luscious, tempting gaze on you with the attention and respect you deserve.

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In a world where every little thing is troublesome and the whole lot ladies experience has an undertone of harm, don’t we deserve one good thing? And why can’t that good factor be another complete season of Whiskey Cavalier where you recognize all the things will work out just high quality while friendships are constructed, enemies are vanquished, and laughs are had. And most significantly, whereas Scott Foley simply Seems to be ™ at you want he can’t wait to listen to what the subsequent phrases out of your mouth are.

It won’t ever happen in real life, nevertheless it’s occurring on Whiskey Cavalier right now. So let’s hold this Massive Gaze Power going.

Whiskey Cavalier airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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