Which one to choose: gold, diamonds or gemstone jewelry?

Whenever you enter a jewelry store, the dazzling array of beautiful jewelry is eye-catching. Gold, diamonds, jade, etc., each is good! However, it is impossible for us to buy all types of jewelry in the short term. Which one should you choose can preserve value and good-looking?

In fact, for different needs, the purchase value is also different. Gold is a very old jewelry for China, but in ancient times, gold jewelry represented rights and nobility. Since ancient times, gold has been used as a kind of currency not only in China, but also in the whole world, So Chinese people like gold in their bones. There is a data on the Internet, the amount of gold consumed is 100 billion yuan, and the consumption of gold is as high as 300 tons, so it really shows how much Chinese consumers like gold. No matter how Young People don’t like gold nowadays, gold is still the protagonist in the current marriage market. The so-called “three gold, five gold” usually refers to gold jewelry, gold promise rings is also a choice. However, with the development of the times, more and more young people now have more choices and are no longer limited to gold.

Diamonds are foreign products for the Chinese market. Diamonds officially entered the mainland market in the 1990s. When De Beers opened the Chinese market, the slogan “A diamond is forever” was widely collected. In the end, the translation of a university teacher into the encirclement is the phrase “Diamonds are long-lasting, one goes on forever ” is now familiar. Therefore, after the diamond entered China, it was also quickly accepted by Chinese culture. The diamond ring has become a necessity for every couple to get married. Diamond jewelry not only plays an important role in the culture of love, but in many occasions there are diamonds, such as the gift of parents to children, girlfriends, etc. Diamonds are not always the protagonist, it will also appear as a supporting role to enhance the aesthetics and style of the jewelry.

The color of the gemstone is rich, and the nature of the gemstone is also very good. The most popular are ruby, sapphire and emerald. Colored gemstones also have no special cultural heritage in China. In fact, they also belong to the entry of foreign culture. In the market of colored gemstones, the traditional gemstones such as red sapphire and emerald, which have a long history of use, are still the noblest in the market and the most acceptable. Although they have not enough cultural heritage in China, they are classics in Western countries and can be passed down. The main reason is related to yield and excellent gemological properties. For example, the color of red sapphire is not only bright, but also has a hardness of up to 9, which can be well preserved and passed down. Among these traditional precious stones, there are also some emerging varieties, such as Padparadscha in sapphire – lotus corundum, which has a very attractive color. For some of the more popular gems in recent years such as tanzanite, tsavorite, fender stone, etc., there is also a very wide market, it mainly because their color will give people a refreshing feeling.

Red, blue and green are the eternal themes of colored gemstones. Among the traditional precious stones, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are the most classic, and alumoberyl mainly win with special optical effects (cat eyes). But among other gemstones, red, blue and green are also eternal themes. Take the tourmaline for example, chrome tourmaline, rubellite, indicolite, and Paraiba tourmaline are all relatively high-priced ones in tourmaline.

1. To parents: choose gold. In their minds, gold is the gift to the heart, is the real filial piety.

2. To girlfriend: choose diamonds. This is a symbol of love.

3. To wife: choose colored gems. After marriage, this will add different colors to our lives. You can also choose silver stud earrings for women.

4. If you are investing, choose the best of the gems, choose a large enough diamond; Colored gemstones should not only be large enough, but also have a good color.


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