Which Bluetooth Mobile Headset to Choose? February 2020

Which Bluetooth Mobile Headset to Choose? February 2020
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Despite the still predominant use of wired headsets, the Bluetooth wind blowing over the plains of binaural nomadism is inevitable. If you want your chef to be free as air, here’s something to help you make the right choice.

The No strings attached so dear to our generation is worth as much in love as in technology. In audio, the nomadic speakers were the first ambassadors, and then the headphones were also in tune. From simple wireless listening solutions to multifunction headsets, the different filters in this comparison will meet your desires and expectations.

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How do we test the Bluetooth mobile headsets at Les Numériques?

  • The battery of acoustic tests that these headphones are put through includes frequency response, harmonic distortion rate, square wave response, impulse response (latency induced by wireless transmission between sound and image), and many others. In order not to make the article heavy, we only publish the first two and the last one, or even the third one in case of excellent or terrible results. You can read more about Rick, our helmet test dummy, in our article Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

What audio quality can I expect from a Bluetooth mobile headset?

  • It goes without saying that the sound quality is paramount. Not only are mobile headsets subjected to the same battery of tests as high-end headsets (frequency balance, sound accuracy, …), but they must also show a clear-cut picture of the impact of Bluetooth transmission on sound quality, especially on the rate of harmonic distortion. All of these measures are explained and explained in the audio part of each test.

What ergonomic points should I consider before choosing a Bluetooth mobile headset?

  • The advantage of a Bluetooth mobile headset lies in the freedom it offers: the freedom of the head, whose movements are no longer hindered by a cable, the freedom of the hands, with the hands-free kit, and the freedom provided by the controls on the helmet itself. Their completeness is important, as is their ease of use. Independence from an electrical outlet, i.e. the autonomy of the helmet, also comes into play.

What sound isolation should I choose for a Bluetooth mobile headset?

  • Although active noise reduction is not always present, the ear cushions nevertheless offer a more or less good passive insulation from outside noise… and conversely, they protect the outside of the music you are listening to more or less well! So if you take the metro during rush hour and value your life, choose a helmet that won’t bother the whole train.

Which design for a Bluetooth mobile headset?

  • We can take pride in not caring about appearances, it is still an object that we are crowned with several hours a day. Beyond aesthetics, construction is also important: a sturdy cable, a solid hoop, resistant pads, good comfort and adaptability to all cranial sizes are all elements to be taken into consideration when purchasing a nomadic helmet.

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