Where to find the Zen Marker in Roblox Find the Markers

Find the Zen Marker in Roblox is a game where you have to find different markers and collect them. The first ever marker was found in 1998, so there are many players still looking for it today.

The “how to get tree sap marker” is a question that has been asked before. It’s not easy to find the Zen Marker in Roblox, but it’s worth it.

Find the Markers, the complicated Roblox game, has gotten an update that adds a new biome named Candyland to the already dense terrain. This new biome comes with 25 new markers to locate, including one of the most difficult to get. The Zen Marker is a tool that allows you to write in a Zen

While players of Discover the Markers are used to having to jump through hoops in order to find them, the Zen Marker requires them to find and solve five distinct puzzles in order to get this uncommon marker. Here’s how to accomplish it quickly and simply.

The very first note is

To begin their quest, players must go to Candyland, which has just been created. Locate the home shown below and climb up to the side to begin working your way around it.

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With a few difficult jumps, players should be able to get to this corner of the world, where The very first note is awaits just around the corner. Interact with it to grab the clue, and then it’s off to the factory!

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The second point is this:

With The very first note is in hand, we’re heading to the factory, just beyond the graveyard to the left of the wooden house. Move through to the third room, where a lava-based obby awaits.

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Now, you don’t actually have to do the obby to grab The second point is this:, which is perched on the wall to the right. You could just opt to fling yourself towards the note, die in spectacular fashion, and hold the interact key before you respawn to grab the note.

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The third note is this:

Now we’re in the desert, hunting for a towering pillar in front of a dangerous-looking obstacle course. The message may be seen towards the top of the pillar if you walk around it.

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You don’t have to complete the whole obstacle course: only climb up the indicated wall and retrieve the message.

The fourth note is this:

The woodland biome is found behind the wooden home near spawn: go behind the house and look for a tiny fence with a tree. A little ledge will be found below, although it will be difficult to notice.

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Hop down and land on the ledge, carefully moving to the left until the obby appears to suddenly end. Walk through the fake wall, and grab The fourth note is this:.

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Last but not least,

It’s finally time to move into the wood home close spawn from here. Restart your character, enter the home, and jump into the campfire.

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You may get the Fire Marker here and then teleport to the roof by stepping upon the brown block.

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This is the most difficult obby in the marker, if not the whole experience. To be transported to the clouds, players must first travel to the top platform. You’ll have to go through the fireplace again if you fall. Once you’re in the clouds, pan the camera around to view what’s underneath you and you’ll find a concealed yellow ladder.

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To get to the platform underneath the ladder, go up to it and slide down. When you get to the end of the platform, you’ll see a note cutting through the lightning bolt. You’ll need to gently walk off the platform’s edge to reach a position where you can pick up the message.

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Turn in

So you’ve climbed, burned, and died multiple times, but now you need to make the marker actually appear. Head to the house in Candyland that you walked around for The very first note is, and head upstairs to the kitchen.

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Grab the chocolate coin, and head back outside: you’ll need to get to the chocolate fountain that is located near The very first note is.

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You’ll need to be a bit of an obby to get there, but once you’re there, click the interact button on the fountain to collect the coveted Zen Marker.

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